13 Luc-KY, also localized as Armored Lighting Legion!, is Robo-Ky's new Instant Kill as of Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload, different from his predecessor's Rising Force.

Hitting the opponent with his sword with a motion very similar to his old version's Impala Hunt, the foe is sent spiraling away as Robo-Ky reclines on his fold-out chair and spits out four miniature Robo-Kys from his mouth (through a mini-stairway that extends diagonally to the ground) that march forward. They grab the victim as they getup from the ground in a stunned state, fly into the air and violently explode.

Trivia Edit

  • The move's name is likely a pun on the Japanese word "kaidan" (meaning stairway/storey).

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