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A.B.A is a playable character in Guilty Gear Isuka and several iterations of Guilty Gear XX.



A.B.A. is initially a very slow character with high defense and decent damage ability. Standard attacks have poor range and combo-ability, however this can be made up with the use of her 3-hit command combo special of her Masshou, Fukumetsu, and Dangoku, which has good range and damage, and her projectile: Kihi, which has very little ending lag and can be followed by the 3-hit combo if the projectile hits at its farthest. Both of these can be Force Roman Cancelled to negate ending lag, at which point it is a great idea to use her free-transformation command throw: Ketsugou.

In her normal mode, A.B.A.'s game is very defensive (too slow, no run with only a dash), but her moves can be used well if one is skilled with her normal mode. It is recommended that the player should transform immediately either using the Ketsugou free-transform in a combo, or just using a blood pack. Blood packs are recommended against campy enemies.

In her Moroha Mode (Double-Edged Mode), the benchmark of A.B.A.'s gameplay, this terrifying ram-head comes with a new set of normals and an altered moveset, along with a decent running speed and great combo potential. However, A.B.A.'s health will slowly drain through out this process, so one must learn either maintain long combos, maintain a strong smart offense, or both, all from a rather pressured rushdown against the clock for Moroha Mode won't last long, and plus, being knocked down will also be sure to end the mode fast as well. It is possible to land two Ketsugou finisher combos in a row in order to switch well between the two modes. As another precaution, cautious A.B.A. players can also use blood packs to switch back to normal mode with a small amount of health regained. Thus, combos in both modes require a good amount of skill and knowledge in order to make sure A.B.A. can make sure of any moment as she gains the momentum.



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