The following is a list of quotes attributed to A.B.A.

Guilty Gear XX Edit

  • Self: "There's another artificial life-form besides me!? There was no record of it..."
  • Sol: "Is it solitude that makes a human's mind so violent?"
  • Order-Sol: "I'm trying to focus on the fire not being hot...But it still burns..."
  • Ky: "Police? If you can't even protect yourself, how can you protect the people?"
  • Robo-Ky: "He refers to many interesting proverbs...Maybe I should write them down in my notebook."
  • May: "When it rains, it snows..."
  • Faust: "I can't drop anything on your deaf ears! Don't come near me! Don't touch me!"
  • Potemkin: "To me...YOU'RE the artificial life-form..."
  • Chipp: "Like a sloth to a flame...That's you."
  • Eddie: "Are you...the same as me...?"
  • Millia: "No matter how powerful your hair is now, one day it will be gone..."
  • Axl: "There's no depth to your attacks...It's like you're reading out of a manual..."
  • Kliff: "Be nice to old people..."
  • Baiken: "A starving samurai pretends to be chewing on an ice pick? Truth is, he's bluffing..."
  • Johnny: "What does that look mean? You're so confusing..."
  • Venom: "Wait...I need to analyze the necessity of your bangs. First, by using this equation..."
  • Anji: "Endangered species...? You certainly don't look like one at all..."
  • Jam: "Hunger is the worst sauce. One blood infusion packet, please..."
  • Testament: "...By the way, what's your blood type?"
  • Dizzy: "Those who live in glass houses should cast the first stone...Don't do anything stupid."
  • Justice: "You're...not built like me...I can't use you for my Paracelsus..."
  • Slayer: "That woman...You have a handy blood transfusion packet there..."
  • Bridget: "Don't expect the unexpected...Still, he's no match for Paracelsus."
  • Zappa: "The woman behind him is waving at me...D-Does she think I'm her friend!?"
  • I-No: "People say "the more the gloomier", but she's just too much to take..."
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