Absolute World (絶対確定世界, Zettai Kakutei Sekai?), also called World of Absolution, is a term that refers to a momentary state that occurs when the boundaries between the present world and the Backyard are blurred, as if they merged for a second. It is a mass extinction event that affects the entire universe, as anything that cannot withstand that state of dense informational pressure is erased.

In the Backyard, there are two forms of informational bodies, called "Adam" and "Eve" for ease of reference, that have neither a will nor intelligence. They both appear for a split second, and then disappear immediately. In the event that they both appear simultaneusly, the Absolute World occurs. Adam and Eve can survive extinction as they are arguably immortal. The Original, to ensure that the Absolute World never occurs again, sealed Adam and Eve into two separate "seeds" and named them the Flame of Corruption (背徳の炎, Haitoku no Honō?) and the Scales of Juno (ジュノの天秤のスケール, Juno no Tenbin no Sukēru?). He handed these "seeds" to his disciple, That Man, who used them as the origin of Gear cells and who turned his best friends into Adam and Eve in a moment of desperation.

It is implied that the five extinction events that have occurred on Earth until date—the Ordovician, the Devonian, the Permian, the Triassic and the Cretaceous-Paleogene—have been a result of the Absolute World.

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