All Guns Blazing is Sol Badguy's original Instant Kill move before its replacement by Napalm Death in Guilty Gear X. The move was given to Order-Sol, who became playable post-Slash updates of Guilty Gear XX.

In Guilty Gear, Sol simply kicks his opponent, stunning them, and dashes behind. He crouches as fire blazes behind him at a fast speed in the direction to where Sol is facing, cascading through the enemy, and a huge burst of flames sends the enemy flying as Sol stands up.

Order-Sol's version is identical. However, All Guns Blazing can only be used in his EX Mode or when using his normal form with the Generations mode set to "GG". Otherwise his Instant Kill move is Napalm Death.

Trivia Edit

  • "All Guns Blazing" is the title of a 1990 song by the band Judas Priest.

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