I'll tell you what I think about 'secrets'. It's best to bring them out into the sun and let everyone see them. Then no one needs to fight over them, right?

–Mito Anji, Guilty Gear XX

Anji Mito is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. A young man of Japanese origin, he chases after That Man out of sheer curiosity. Having run away from the Colony, Anji is in possession of the Zessen which takes the form of fans, and his fighting style involves Japanese dancing steps.

Design Edit

Of a muscular and slim frame, Anji has black eyes and wears small round-framed pince-nez glasses. A white cloth is wrapped around his head, dividing his dark brown, spiky hair in two.

As for his outfit, Anji wears dark blue kimono-like sleeves with a white layer underneath, which are connected behind his back, but with a bare upper body. He wears a matching undivided hakama tied at the waist with a black belt. Anji also wears blue boots with unusual soles reminiscent of traditional Japanese footwear known as geta. In his cameo in REV 2, Anji is seen sporting a loose kimono based on his former sleeves' design.

Personality Edit

Anji is a hot-blooded type of person that acts according to intuition rather than reason. His actions are straightforward and he rarely worries about consequences before acting, not because of optimism, but because he doesn't think things through. Anji doesn't have a particular sense of justice, but he detests twisted feelings or insatisfaction. Often making a fool of himself on purpose, he has his own charm.

He is ceremonial, optimistic, and upbeat, as well as a perpetually curious man who appears to crave knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Lies and secrets appear to irritate him, so he is also motivated by a desire to uncover the truth. However, he has a deceptive side to him, and appears to know more than he lets on. He never regrets losing a fight, instead trying to negotiate with his opponents.

Story Edit

Background Edit

Little is known about Anji's past. A descendant of pure Japanese ancestry, Anji was raised in the Japanese Colony. Due to the destruction of Japan in 2074, only a handful of Japanese survived and came to be viewed as international treasures, and did not receive the same treatment as regular citizens. Caring little for such special status, Anji rejected the system: He preferred the freedom of the present rather than the preservation of his people.

Anji decided to conceal his own racial origins in order to search for "That Man", the one who developed the Gears and created Justice. However, this is not out of spite, but out of sheer curiosity. Before leaving, Anji took the Zessen—the focus of the colony's dimensional barrier, which thus began to progressively weaken every day—, and then disappeared from the colony. Since then, Anji has been evading authorities looking to send him back to the village.

Guilty Gear X Edit

In Guilty Gear Xtra, Anji has arranged to meet in London with Axl Low in one of their periodic exchanges of information, having once searched for intel together in the past. Anji arrives to find Axl injured by Geena and time-slipping, and catches Mizuha as she collapses from using her abilities to attack Geena. Almost immediately, Tyr is taken over by Fenrir. Anji quickly deduces Mizuha's power and helps her calm Tyr down, and the boy is sealed off in a stone again. Potemkin appears to escort them to Zepp, where President Gabriel personally explains that Mizuha has evoked the mothership...

In 2181, when a bounty is issued on an independent Gear called Dizzy, Anji sets out to investigate like many others. In Guilty Gear X Plus, he is shown to be looking for Sol Badguy, aware of the bounty hunter's true nature. If Anji beats Sol, Anji wonders if Gears aren't really weapons, and vows to hear the truth from That Man. If Anji is defeated by Sol, Sol spares him; undeterred, Anji vows to expose That Man's secrets.

Guilty Gear XX Edit

A few weeks later, Anji is initially approached by Ky Kiske regarding the suspicious persecution of Japanese individuals, but Anji misinterpretes him and runs away. Along the way, he explains to May about the Japanese. In his first ending, Anji defeats I-No and manages to meet That Man. Anji then asks him if Gears are really meant to be weapons, and why everything went wrong; That Man gives a cryptic answer and Anji asks that he be more specific, so That Man tells Anji to go with him if he is prepared to "defy both heaven and earth".

His second ending has him destroying a Robo-Ky and learning only that the robots are after the Japanese; this leads Anji to realize that Baiken is in danger and he charges off to protect her. In his third ending, Ky catches up with Anji and informs him that the Post-War Administration Bureau is targeting the Japanese, advising him to lay low and be careful.

In Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus, after meeting That Man, Anji begins to think it might be OK to help him with his plans. His first mission is to search for I-No, who has disappeared after being captured. In one ending, Anji tricks I-No into entering a trap devised by That Man that freezes her in a temporal stasis; Anji privately remains suspicious of That Man. In the other ending, Anji runs into Baiken, who demands that he reveal That Man's whereabouts. Anji admits to have been working for him, but says he will stop; he becomes her guardian instead, and admits that he doesn't want her to die (similar to one of Baiken's endings).

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- Edit

In Baiken's Episode Mode (from the REV 2 update), on November 9, 2187, Anji has an operator find Baiken for a collect call. Anji asks her to return to the Colony to investigate the Illyrian presence, but she refuses. Baiken then inquires about the "other case", but Anji is reluctant to speak and Baiken suspects that he has found That Man. Anji convinces her that he didn't, and so Baiken agrees to take care of the Colony and ends the phone call. Privately, Anji ponders about keeping secrets, hesitant to tell her that the Gear Maker may not be the one she wants revenge on.

Abilities Edit

Anji's fighting style is based on a splendid technique centered on mai (?), a genre of Japanese traditional dance that is reserved and typified by circling movements where the body is kept low to the ground. He is a flexible and dexterous warrior who uses the fluidity of his dance-like moves, described as "poetry in motion", to dodge and misdirect physical attacks. He uses a pair of foldable hand fans that change size for a variety of attacks; they are Zessen, the Sacred Treasure that was used to maintain the dimensional barrier around the Japanese Colony. Despite thinking of Anji in less than charitable terms, Baiken acknowledges that he has remarkable skill, and is why she can tolerate him.

Anji is also shown to have knowledge of Ki and seals, as he is able to use a technique called Kimontonkou Hakkeshouou (奇門遙甲 八卦照応?), a ninjutsu earth bind that he uses to momentarily hinder Baiken's movements in one of their encounters.

Regarding playstyle, Anji is an all-around character with an extensive amount of normal moves and an 'autoguard' property on many moves. Such moves will automatically block incoming attacks (high/mid or lows, depending on the autoguard type), letting Anji attack unhindered. If he blocks something this way, he can cancel into one of four fast follow-ups. His normals also have a unique trait: they can all be cancelled at any point during their active frames into a special move as long as they made contact. Lastly, he has the "3S Cancel" option, in which for a very brief window Anji can cancel the start of his Down-Right + Slash into anything else, giving him unique blockstrings and attack setups. Anji can work at close to mid range with varying degrees of effectiveness, but has no normals meant to deal with everything so a player needs to rely on all of his tools.

Musical themes Edit

  • 風雅 - Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX
  • Riding the Clouds - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Drumhead Pulsation - Guilty Gear Isuka

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  • The origin of his name is in the Japanese rock band ANGIE and their leader, Mito Hananosuke.
  • His theme, Fuuga, sounds similar to the Mötley Crüe song "Live Wire".
  • When Shitsu is blocked, the butterfly spreads its wings into a shape that looks like the Aerosmith logo.

Trivia Edit

  • It is suggested in offical sources that the name "Anji Mito" may not be his real name, but an alias.
  • Anji's bounty in Guilty Gear XX describes him as "A wicked villain who fans his victims to death... and steals their valuables under the auspices of artistic dance."
  • During development Anji's name was Hirasawa (平沢?).

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