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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -15 - Anji

Anji Mito is a recurring playable character since the game Guilty Gear X.



Anji is an all-around character with an extensive amount of normal moves and an 'autoguard' property on many moves. Such moves will automatically ignore incoming attacks (high/mid or lows, depending on the autoguard type), as if the opponet has whiffed, letting Anji attack unhindered. If he blocks something this way, he can cancel into one of four fast follow-ups. His normals also have a unique trait: they can all be cancelled at any point during their active frames into a special move as long as they made contact.

In the XX games, he also has the "3S Cancel" option, in which for a very brief window Anji can cancel the start of his Down Right + Slash into anything else, giving him unique blockstrings and attack setups. Anji can work at close to mid range with varying degrees of effectiveness, but has no normals meant to deal with everything so a player needs to rely on all of his tools.

Critical to Anji's offense is his Fuujin special move, which has a variety of followups, as none of which can be punished in the exact same way, forcing the opponent to guess. It should be used very carefully in neutral as it is terrible on whiff, and shpuld not be overused, as a savvy opponent can handle most follow-ups and punish Anji.



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