A massive beetle-like monster that appears to be shielding itself with its arms from its front, Ansect is a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA, having first appeared as an enemy in Guilty Gear Judgment.

Character DesignEdit

Ansect appears as a large, somewhat beetle-esque creature, with shield-like front arms it uses to block attacks.  A strange red marking can be seen on every Ansect's left arm.



A few Ansects appear throughout Stage 4-2 of the Tower of Wind in Guilty Gear Judgment, being quite an uncommon enemy.  An Ansect also appears as a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA for mobile phones in Japan.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Ansect can uncurl sharp appendages it keeps tucked away behind their forearms to slice the opponent.  They can also curl themselves into a perfect sphere shape and roll at the enemy.  Due to their size, they are somewhat slow, even when rolling.

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