The following is a list of Answer's commands.

Punch - Punch
Kick - Kick
Slash - Slash
Heavy Slash - Heavy Slash
Dust - Dust
Respect - Respect

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

Answer's named moves in Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 are as follows:

Type Name Command
Special Business Ninpo: Caltrops DownDown-RightRight + Slash or Heavy Slash
→ Business Ninpo: Under the Rug DownDown + Slash or Heavy Slash
→ Business Ninpo: Under the Bus LeftDownDown-Left + Slash or Heavy Slash
Savvy Ninpo: Request for Approval DownDown-LeftLeft + Punch or Kick or Slash or Heavy Slash (also in mid-air)
Savvy Ninpo: Seal of Approval Jump near scroll
→ Savvy Ninpo: Data Logging (Seal of Approval) → Punch
→ Savvy Ninpo: Down the Ladder (Seal of Approval) → Kick
→ Savvy Ninpo: Stepping Down (Seal of Approval) → Slash
→ Savvy Ninpo: Into My Office (Seal of Approval) → Heavy Slash
→ Savvy Ninpo: Safety Net (Seal of Approval) → Direction + Dust
→ Release DownDown
Resshou LeftRight + Punch
Savvy Ninpo: Tax Write-off DownDown + Punch (also in mid-air)
Savvy Ninpo: Data Logging RightDownDown-Right + Kick (also in mid-air)
Overdrives Dead Stock Ninpo: Firesale RightDown-RightDownDown-LeftLeftRight + Slash or Dust (also in mid-air)
Business Ultimate Ninpo: All Hands DownDown-RightRightDownDown-RightRight + Kick
Instant Kill Summoner: The Basilisk Enter Instant Kill Mode → DownDown-RightRightDownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash

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