Appropriate Ones is the 9th chapter of Guilty Gear Xtra.


As the flash of light from the stone egg fades, Tyr has returned to human form. He greets Mizuha, and accuses Gabriel of making her cry. The others fill him in on what has been going on.

In London, living electrical cables find where Geena is buried and revive her, somehow sending her information about the mothership as they do so. Her comments imply the Gear ship needs her for something, which she doesn’t seem to mind.

Tyr tells Mizuha he remembered some of his past while he was asleep. He was a created being, but he still can’t remember what he was created for, and is a little concerned he was created for something evil. Mizuha comforts him and tells him not to push himself too hard in their new plan to take out the mothership, even though Tyr points out that it’s worth risking his becoming a statue again when the world is at stake. Gabriel and Potemkin discuss whether these children are ready for this sort of responsibility, and Gabriel shares an anecdote about how unlikely a candidate he should have been for president, comparing that to whether the kids will be able to rise to the challenge. He then contacts Ky to check that all preparations are ready.

A subordinate informs him that the mothership has entered their range, and the attack begins. Gabriel instructs Anji and the kids that their job will be to take down the magic barrier around the space ship, after which Zepp’s forces will take over to destroy it. The ship appears above them, Tyr summons Fenrir and the plan appears to go off without a hitch, but when the dust clears on the final page, part of the ship remains, with a ominous black, web-like shape inside it. Gabriel comments that they still have yet to find out whether the kids will succeed or not.

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