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Arcade Mode is one of the staple gameplay modes within Guilty Gear series. Appearing in several Guilty Gear games, it has the player fighting against random AI opponents until they reach to the end of the stage and fight a designated boss character. Depending on the game, there will be a definite penimultiate boss that the player will always fight regardless of who they're playing as (eg. Testament in Guilty Gear). The boss character tend to change depending on the entry, with I-No being the boss for the overall Guilty Gear XX series.

Guilty Gear

In the first entry of Guilty Gear, the player is able to choose any character that they desire and play through them within the Second Knight of the Holy Order Selection Tournament. Justice is the boss character regardless of who you play as.

The arcade mode lasts a total of 10 matches, with the first 8 opponents being randomly selected characters from the cast. Following this, the character will then fight Testament as he attempts to sacrifice your blood to free Justice. After you defeat him, Testament will then use his blood to bring back Justice from her dimensional prison and you fight her as the last character. Upon defeating Justice, the chosen character's ending will play, with the ending showing what happens to them right after defeating her.

Baiken also appears as a hidden character that can be fought. You can fight her in a match if you beat Arcade Mode with either Sol or Ky without losing any fights.

Canonically, Sol will be the one who won the tounrmaent and kill Justice (with it later being rewritten in Justice's Story Mode in Λ Core Plus R). However, every ending in Guilty Gear contains canon events that happens to the character, some which is much more expanded on in future games (such as Eddie overtaking Zato-1 and Gabriel leading a revolution against the Zepp dictatorship). Baiken, Testament, and Justice are the only characters to lack a ending in the game.

Guilty Gear X

Its arcade mode lasts a total of 10 matches again. Dizzy becomes the boss character of the game, with her being recently discovered and having a bounty on her head.

In addition to the new characters, it is now possible to be fight against Baiken as a random encounter rather than her being a hidden fight. The ending for the character is now a singular image rather than being a full-on ending from before.

Guilty Gear XX

Following the previous games, the arcade modes within the Guilty Gear XX series have you pick a chosen character and fight randomly-selected AI in 10 straight forward matches. Replacing Dizzy, I-No becomes the boss character of the series. Unlike other bosses, I-No has an exclusive move in this boss stage known as Megalomania, which can only be avoided by either dodging it completely or blocking against it(ideally using Faultless Defense to do so as the move does massive chip damage).

Guilty Gear Isuka

Guilty Gear Isuka's arcade stages are much more variable in who you fight. With it being a 4-player free for all match, not only the characters are randomly selected, but how many characters appear in the stage and who you fight is random as well (eg 2 characters fighting against you in one match or a 1v1v1 format in another match). It is also possible to fight a character that you've previously fought in the arcade run. The mysterious Leopaldon becomes the boss character of a game in a 1v1 format.

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers

Guilty Gear Dust Strikers's arcade stages have you fight 10 opponents instead, with the 11th being the boss character Gig.

Guilty Gear Xrd

See Episode Mode Within the Xrd series, Arcade Mode is split into three different sections: Episode Mode, Versus Mode, and M.O.M Mode. Episode Mode takes place as the standard arcade run from previous games within here.

Guilty Gear -Strive-

In the upcoming entry, Guilty Gear -Strive-, the arcade mode will have arcade cutscenes identical to those in Xrd. New to the series will be an ally joining the fight at your side to fight stages with you.