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Kusarigama are the signature weapon of Axl Low. They are two Kamas attached by a chain which Axl has used in all his appearances,


Axl's kusarigama are two kamas with large, sharp blades and long black handles with a thick red stripe in the middle of them, in Strive the words "Thanks Luck" are engraved in gold on the blades.

Both kamas are connected by a chain that seems to form from inside them.


The kusarigama are mysterious when it comes to their link. There is no visible chain until Axl slams the ends of both kamas together alongside the length being almost endless as it can reach the other end of the screen in most games. An example of the chains endless length is during Amphora Conflagration where the kama are able to go around the enemy to create an extremely thick binding.

The kusarigama supposedly allows Axl to conduct his fire magic through them as several abilities show him performing such acts


  • a Kusarigama is a weapon made in Japan during the Muromachi period. However these usually are a singular kama connected to an iron weight by the chain.
  • Kusarigama also have their own martial art, kusarigamajutsu. Axl may have practiced this but it's unclear as most times he uses them as long range weapons