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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -4 - Axl

Axl Low is a recurring playable character since the original Guilty Gear.



As the resident zoner of the cast, Axl relies on his various long-ranged normals involving his chain sickle, allowing to effectively control space from various angles better than other characters can (especially since the speed of the sickles' reach far outstrips most standard fireball-style projectiles). This gives him solid counter-zoning and the tools to effectively punish careless air-teching.

His iconic Rensen Geki (Sickle Flash Strike) move is a projectile in a sense in that it's a solid ranged energy attack that can negate other standard projectiles, along with having other gimmicky moves such as Axl Bomber (a flying fire dive attack), Rai'ei Sageki (Thunder Shadow Chain Strike; 2 differing flying overhead attacks). Even when under pressure, he possesses a pair of unique counter-attacking/reversal moves, the Tenhouseki (Heaven Freeing Stone) which has a high/mid or low-countering variation, as well as the auto-guard attack in the form of Hachisubako (Beehive Box) introduced in XX.

Of course, his more consistent weakness is that at the cost of such long-range normals, they are rather slow with each one having very specific angles they cover (leaving him with very committal pokes in the neutral). Even then, he has little ways to enforce offense (standard or on wakeup alike) with safe high-low mixups (despite having a variety of overheads) or anything outside of average frame traps, and tends to require resources to inflict solid damage. Coupled with both below-average defense modifiers and mediocre mobility stats, Axl can easily be left at the mercy of someone who can easily get in on him.



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