The following is a list of quotes attributed to Axl Low.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "Whoa, a mimic! Not as handsome as me, though."
  • Sol: "Pretty good. Not good enough to beat me, though."
  • Ky: "Ha! With those looks, you'd be a star in my world."
  • May: "Is this some kind of joke? You're just a kid!"
  • Baldhead: "You don't look so good! You should see a doctor."
  • Potemkin: "A Neanderthal!? This world never ceases to amaze me!"
  • Chipp: "My kusari-gama's range is limitless! Wanna go again?"
  • Zato: "If I dance, my shadow dances with me. But you..."
  • Millia: "I used to prefer long hair on girls...but not any more."
  • Kliff: "Old man, do you know how I can get back to my world?"

Guilty Gear X Edit

  • Self: "No, no, no! That s not right! My sex appeal is all about my million-dollar smile!"
  • Sol: "It's kinda rude to go easy on me, my man!"
  • Ky: "Relax, man. Don't be so stubborn. Just think of it as helping me. Could you get outta my way now, though?"
  • May: "Oops, was that too much for you? My bad!"
  • Faust: "I gotta say, you really creep me out. Could you just stay down there for a while?"
  • Potemkin: "If I could go back in time and see your childhood, that'd be pretty awesome."
  • Chipp: "OK! OK! You were fast, but I had a longer reach. You knew you were gonna lose, right? Just kidding!"
  • Zato: "Y'know, people should really try to be more responsible with their life goals. Guess it's too late for you, though."
  • Millia: "And to think I used to prefer blondes..."
  • Kliff: "You were pretty cool when you were younger, gramps!"
  • Baiken: "Dresses and Chinese clothes aren't bad, but kimonos are...How do I put this...SO HOT."
  • Johnny: "Faster than a speeding bullet! Too bad you're no good when it's time for action, hehehe."
  • Venom: "Aren't you one of those people who can see, like, dead people and stuff?"
  • Anji: "You could make a living with your dancing skills. Just think twice before choosing a stage, though."
  • Jam: "I have two questions. Why are girls these days so strong? And...are you really a chef?"
  • Testament: "You were coming at me from all sides! My reach can't compete with that!"
  • Dizzy: "It was a close battle. I hope we never have to fight again."
  • Justice: "Th-That's right. That's what a h-human can do."

Guilty Gear XX Edit


Note: Quotes against self, Sol, Ky, May, Faust, Potemkin, Chipp, Kliff, Baiken, Johnny, Venom, Anji, Jam, Testament, Justice are the same as in Guilty Gear X.

  • Order-Sol (post-Slash): "Huh? What happened to you, man? How come you're dressed like that?"
  • Robo-Ky: "Robots back in the day could only dance, but--Oh, wait...I guess you're not much different! Hehehe!~"
  • Eddie: "Can I ask you something? You can actually see, right?"
  • Millia: "So anyway, do you wanna go get lunch with me? I know a lot of good places!"
  • Dizzy: "You're so charming! I have high hopes for you...So, what's the name of the lady behind you?"
  • A.B.A (post-Slash): "What an original and sexy fashion sense! How exciting!"
  • Slayer: "An escort is a man who protects women. I'm the definition of an escort! So, will you introduce me to your wife?"
  • Bridget: "When it comes to playing around, nobody beats me! Can I see that? Lemme show you how it's done. Ow!"
  • Zappa: "What the? I'm getting chills...No way...It can't be..."
  • I-No: "Wait! I remember those breasts...I mean face. Or was it that ass... Aw man! I can't remember her face!"

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "You better think up a cool way to lose, mate."
  • "Go easy on me, okay?"
  • "I'm playing the lead here. Got it?"
  • Sol (post-REV 2): "Aww, and you used to be so cute."
  • I-No (post-REV 2): "At long last I've found your breasts--I mean this timeline's version of you."
  • Bedman (post-REV 2): "You really don't piss around now, do you?"
  • "Not too bad, right?"
  • Instant Kill:
    • "Don't hate me... Buh-bye."
    • "My ultimate attack...! See 'ya!"
    • "Time to end this! Amphora Conflagration!"
    • "Well that was clever of me!"
    • "Smashing job, self!"
    • "You really should've stopped this when you had the chance!"
    • "Well that was rather easy."
  • Faust's Fist of Annihilation:
    • "What am I? Comic relief?"
  • Instant Kill reactions:
  • Self: "100 points for imitating a superstar! Buy hey, don't feel down 'cause you lost. Be like me: I'm all smiles, and I don't even have a ome to go back to!"
  • Sol: "Maybe I can't beat you in a fight, mate, but I've studied your weak points all across history. Hey, what's with that look?"
  • Ky: "You've really got it all, huh? Looks, smarts, skill... But I guess that means defeat hits you pretty hard, doesn't it? Sorry."
  • May: "Now listen young lady, a woman shouldn't raise her sword, or, uh, anchor, lightly."
  • Faust: "I've gotten used to a lot of weird things in this time period, but... you're something else, mate."
  • Potemkin: "I started wondering if you had some gorilla in the old family tree so I checked it out. No gorilla but there is a robot, as it turns out. Bit surprising..."
  • Chipp: "You're good at hiding in small spaces, huh? I've got one for you right here--right nside the range of my weapon! Ha ha ha!"
  • Zato: "A shadow's the opposite of something you know, If that thing was the main character, you'de be the shadow. Uh, by the way, re you really blind...?"
  • Millia: "Long, beautiful hair is really my favorite, but... not when it's all crumpled like that."
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): "You know how every record set in a sport will eventually be broken? I think the same thing can happen to a person's mental state. If you're always sad, you're just gonna get sadder. So, why don't you try to break the happy record instead?"
  • Johnny: "Hah, you think you can call yourself a gigolo in my presence? The true test of a man isn't about how many ladies you made cry, it's about... huh? You're taking care of them? D-Do you have any vacancies...?"
  • Venom: "Hey mate, doesn't that hairdo ever...get in the way? Like, "Whoa, didn't see that coming"? You wanna borrow a bandana?"
  • Jam: "You know, it's always been bothering me, but... do you wash your hands before you cook?"
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): "I recon you could open a zoo all on your own, missy."
  • Slayer: "As an Englishman I know how to be a gentleman too, but... that doesn't help you win a fight."
  • I-No: "I-No, right...? I'll never forget that again. I think I might even know your 3-sizes... O-Okay, I was just joking. Don't look at me that way."
  • Sin: "Go ahead and wave that flag if you want, but maybe next time it oughta be a white one."
  • Ramlethal: "You quit taking over the world or whatever? Well, that's a relief. I'm telling you, the true test comes after you've conquered it. What're you going to go? Just more political non-sense."
  • Leo: "Wait a tick, why're you reading off all the laws I've broken? I thought this was supposed to be a duel, mate."
  • Elphelt: "Wedding dresses are right expensive, I almost feel a bit bad attacking you... I mean, there's no way in Hell I could pay you back for one."
  • Bedman: "I was going to say "Good night, loser!" but you're already asleep! My famous line... useless."
  • Jack-O' (post-REVELATOR): "Just a little while ago, there was a trendy book about understanding people from their appearance and behavior. I was actually quite interested in it... until today, really."
  • Raven (post-REVELATOR): "People who've never seen UFO's generally don't spend much time looking up at the sky. That dark face of yours could use a little bit of light."
  • Haehyun (post-REVELATOR): "I think you were trying to lecture me about something, but you were so far I couldn't hear you... You mind saying that again?"
  • Answer (post-REV 2): "Never met a bloke like you before... You what they call a corporate warrior?"
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