The following is a list of quotes attributed to Baiken.

Guilty Gear X Edit

  • Self: "Hah! What a pleasant surprise. Does that mean you have all my hidden weapons as well?"
  • Sol: "Hmph...Still not serious, are you?"
  • Ky: "Blah, blah, blah! You talk too much! Does anyone actually give a crap about your ridiculous sense of justice? I know I sure don't."
  • May: "If you don't want me to treat you like a kid, then stop whining like one!"
  • Faust: "Shall I rip off your paper bag...? I'd like to know what you've got under there."
  • Potemkin: "It's true that you're big and powerful, but that just makes it easier for me to hit you."
  • Chipp: "The more you attack, the easier it is to figure out your rhythm. It's like shooting fish in a barrel!"
  • Zato: "What the hell? Your body's lifeless...Is your real form over there?"
  • Millia: "Stop acting cool and calm. If you really want to defeat me, try getting a little desperate."
  • Axl: "Ugh, attacking from back there...Are you a man or not!?"
  • Kliff: "Hah! What a single-minded attack. I like it, old man."
  • Testament: "Before you start bitching again, cut off that hair! Just looking at it pisses me off."
  • Justice: "Hurry up and die, you freak."
  • Johnny: "What? Suddenly you're out of words? Figures."
  • Venom: "You can't hide from me. Did you think I'd be intimidated by your fish eyes?"
  • Anji: "I can tolerate've got skill. Too bad you didn't have enough, though."
  • Jam: "If you're unarmed, at least use some protection. Then again, there's nothing I can't cut."
  • Dizzy: "What? You want me to pity you? Are you gonna beg for mercy until you die?"

Guilty Gear XX Edit


Note: Quotes against self, Sol, Ky, May, Faust, Potemkin, Chipp, Eddie/Zato, Millia, Axl, Kliff, Johnny, Venom, Anji, Jam, Testament, Justice are the same as in Guilty Gear X.

  • Order-Sol (post-Slash): "You monster! Don't pretend to be human!"
  • Robo-Ky: "I knew you'd be better at hidden weapons than me, but to be a weapon yourself? What a world..."
  • Dizzy: "Dammit! You chipped my blade! I could put an end to you right now, but I think I'll just leave you here."
  • Slayer: "You broke all my weapons. That's some technique you have there. Tell me your name."
  • Bridget: "Sometimes it's better to just leave well enough alone. You have to be willing to do anything to win."
  • Zappa: "I thought you were just some quack witch doctor, but if you're actually a ghost, I gotta admit that s kind of interesting."
  • I-No: "You played with fire, and you got burned! I hate useless people like you the most. Argh, you piss me off!"
  • A.B.A (post-Slash): "You're such a pain. I hate people that just sneak around in the shadows."

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "I humbly ask, I humbly ask: though 'tis sudden, where doth lie Hell?
    Whilst the demons laugh, the people weep. Since it doth lie outside the bounds of virtuous deeds,
    I shall undertake the task of felling the Netherworld.
    For I am a vulgar samurai of lowest rank.
    I have not intent of dying the honorable death of a warrior."
  • "Inquisition! Judgment! The Law of the Emperor!
    Vengeance unleashed inevitably throughout the lowest levels of Hell!
    Pay the respects to the Palace of Yama,
    Pay the respects to the Palace of Yama..."
Winning Quotes
  • Self: "Fine. The victor goes on to Hades... I take it you've got no problem with that?"
  • Sol: "I'm pretty rough most of the time, but I've never seen anyone try to brute force their way through a fight like you did."
  • Ky: "Save your preaching for the church. All you need on a battlefield is a warcry."
  • May: "Beating me doesn't get you any special prize. It's better this way."
  • Faust: "A doctor? You? Wouldn't have guessed. Probably should've paid more attention in school..."
  • Potemkin: "Winning and losing doesn't mean a thing. I'll survive, and I'll keep fighting... Until I find That Man."
  • Chipp: "I'm not much of a samurai... But you're not exactly a ninja, yourself."
  • Zato-1: "I can't read the thoughts of the dead. Never expected that'd be a problem..."
  • Millia: "Wanting to protect something isn't enough... If you're not ready to put it all on the line, you don't belong on the battlefield."
  • Axl: "The weak ones always want the best weapons. But we wouldn't be in this shit if a trump card was all it took."
  • Johnny: "Do you have to hit on me every damn time you open your mouth?"
  • Venom: "I can't bring you down with a single strike. But, didn't you think I'd eventually see through your trickery."
  • Jam: "If you're not gonna use a weapon, at least put on some armor... Not that any armor could stop my blade."
  • Dizzy: "Damn. There's no losing or winning with you, is there? Looks like the stars are in your favor. Never liked 'em anyway..."
  • Slayer: "You broke all my weapons. It's like you have fists of steel. Tell me your name."
  • I-No: "You're a rabid dog. Someone should keep you on a leash."
  • Sin: "Are you kidding me? I kick your ass, and you're laughing. I step away for a little while and the world fills up with monsters..."
  • Raven: "Dammit, I can't cut down! Shut up! Stop laughing! You piece of shit!"
  • Bedman: "I'm... trembling? What the hell are you?!"
  • Leo: "Charges? You think I give a damn? I'm already on my way to hell."
  • Elphelt: "That's not a bad weapon, but you can't use it for shit. Hey, my eyes are up here."
  • Ramlethal: "Not bad. Least you've got some bite to go with your bark."
  • Jack-O': "Yeah, I'm sure you're real important if you know that much about the world. Probably can't resist lecturing me. But your world isn't the one I live in."
  • Haehyun: "I don't give a damn if you see the extent of my strength. My will, however, is another story."
  • Answer: "YOU'RE a ninja? Ah hell, I can't remember what real ninja are like..."

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