Baldias is a member of the Senate, who has been missing after his encounter with Sol Badguy during the events of Guilty Gear Vastedge XT.

Character DesignEdit

Baldias is designed as seemingly tall, yet thin man. Similar to the other three members of the Senate, he covers his face and body entirely with a metallic mask, a trenchcoat, and a hat. His mask has the roman numeral III, showing his position in the organization, and extends all the way down to his neck. 

Underneath the clothing, Baldias hides his machine-resembling body structure with unusual features, such as absence of certain facial features, or an extremely long neck. His back has four appendages, which resemble beast heads.


Baldias, like the other members of the Senate, appears aloof and frivolous. During his engagement with Sol, he constantly mocks his opponents, going as far as to call Sol "aged". He is also arrogant, as he taunts his opponent's every attack. Even so, after his defeat, he maintains his composure and does not reveal any of his, or The Senate's, intentions. 


Baldias alongside ChronusAxusLibraria and Ariels was one of the Original's five Apostles who spread the arcane knowledge and influence of magic around the world. Then the Apostles (excluding Ariels) formed the group known as the Conclave with Chronus as their leader, who act as the advisers to the Sanctus Maximus Populis.

Guilty Gear Vastedge XTEdit

During Sol's and Sin Kiske's search for one of the OutRages, which were in The Senate's possession, Baldias attacks the two of them for unknown reasons. After a short exchange with Sol about the weapon, Baldias attempts to kill Sol with no avail. After his defeat, he laughs and disappears into a puddle.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Edit

Baldias makes an appearance as an apparition in the Opera House alongside Libraria and Axus, confirming his death at the hands of Sol.


Baldias fights by using a technology named Cerberus, which seems to be related to the Forbidden Beasts, a fact that becomes more evident during his fight with Sol, as he used Zato's moves, like Invite Hell and Great White; it is unknown, however, if it is a real Forbidden Beast or an imitation. Baldias is also strong enough to take Sol's Fafnir punch head-on, and was considered to be a major threat to the recovery of the OutRage by Dr. Paradigm.



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