The Battle of Rome in 2173 is a pivotal event for humanity that took place in the Alternate Timeline.

The center of the event was Ky Kiske, who was a young, high ranking official commanding a fleet of airships. He responded to a distress signal sent from the city of Rome. He hesitated at first as the situation seemed hopeless because of the large number of Gears, but because of the belief that there are still people who need to be saved, he pressed onto the mission.

I-No, the woman the knights picked up in one of their missions, offered her service. Desperate for help and knowing that she had special abilities, Ky Kiske agreed.

The battle was brutal and the knights needed to retreat; however, Ky chose to stay behind despite his officer's pleas to look for I-No who unbeknownst to him was watching him for entertainment. Alone and exhausted with no means of escape from the Gears surrounding him, Ky unleashed one last attack.

Sol Badguy, who was looking for Ky, arrived too late to see the boy gravely injured. Before taking his last breath, Ky begged Sol to lead the knights in his place.


  • Ky's age is unknown at the Battle of Rome, but since he wasn't the Commander in this time he's at most 15 years old
  • This is the only known instance where Sol cries


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