The first elite you should get, Bone Biter is the best unit in this tribe, and possibly the single most powerful unit in the game. High movement speed, cannot be knocked down, constantly reduces enemy attack power. Best used in a group with Bowers, as it can heal itself by killing allied Bowers or Geroppas. Occasionally has bugs with receiving orders.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT 1: Wing sweep, 80 damage, up to 5 targets.
  • AT 2 "Acid Breath": Hits every enemy in front for 24xN damage.
  • ASkill: Roars when it stops moving and enters combat. 20 damage, 5 targets.
  • ASkill "Devour": When at half health or less, eats a Geroppa or Bower (inc. Bower Jr). Regains

about 20% HP. For 30 seconds, gains +1.25 damage, and an attack speed boost. 30 second cooldown.

  • PSkill "Smelly Aura": Reduces enemy attack power. Enemy damage drops to .83 of normal. No effect on ranged attacks.



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