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Bridget is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. Usually mistaken for a girl due to his upbringing and looks, Bridget has become a bounty hunter to refute his village's superstition regarding twins. Wielding a yo-yo in battle, he fights alongside Roger.


Bridget has a feminine figure with female curves and slender arms and legs. He has blond hair and wide emerald green eyes. Bridget appears to sport the attire of a nun. He wears a sleeveless blue dress with white hemlines as well as a bandeau, a strapless piece of cloth that covers the neck or cheeks, traditionally worn by Catholic nuns fastened with a bow. It has a male symbol inscribed (♂). He also wears a blue veil with a metal headband, the patterns of a cross is also visible on the veil. He also wears shoes that compliment the colors of his outfit. What resembles a handcuff, possibly made of metal, hangs around his waist, with latches and a keyhole.


Bridget is kind and understanding, and in many instances throughout his stories, he befriends or is befriended by the other characters (such as Dizzy, Potemkin and May). He even politely asks for their permission before engaging them in a fight. He also has a trait to showcase his skill to others.

Bridget shows strong determination and a straight-forward viewpoint when it comes to proving himself to be a man. Indeed though he looks and dresses like a girl, Bridget is quick to confirm his gender when people mistake him for a girl, as proven in the ending in which he fights Johnny.



Despite the name and appearance, Bridget is actually male. He was born in a village in England where the birth of twins of the same gender was considered bad luck, and it has always been demanded without exception that one of the twins should be sacrificed or either exiled if that happened. Bridget's parents were unwilling to lose one of their children, and instead they decided to raise him as a girl. In order to seek forgiveness, he was given the best education they could afford to their daughter. Bridget loved his parents and did his best effort to live a life in disguise to keep them from worrying, but even then he could see his parents feeling guilty for what they did and eventually Bridget started to believe that if he could leave and come back with enough money then perhaps the village will be able to see there's nothing to their superstitions, and not long after as if in answer to his prayers he heard about a bounty for a gear in the forest of demons and decided to become a bounty hunter.

He left his village with hopes of getting the money for the bounty of Dizzy, but too late for him Jam already won the reward for it.

Guilty Gear XX

Bridget sets off to catch the bounty, defeating many characters in the process. In the first ending, Ky reveals to him that the bounties given to him by I-No are false, and pays him a lot of money for his troubles. In the second ending, Bridget befriends the Jellyfish Pirates, but after a long fight with Dizzy she asks him if he'll be her friend since she doesn't have much friends on land. Then he accepts her friendship. In the third ending, Johnny, believing Bridget to be a girl, tries to seduce him. After realizing Bridget's true gender, he was very embarrassed and told Bridget not to tell anyone.

Bridget has proven his masculinity and leaves the bounty hunter life. His new ambition is working as an entertainer, trying to recruit Venom for his pool abilities, and I-No for being an awesome guitar player; however, both attempts fail. In his ending, he begins working as a waiter in Jam's restaurant. Also, in an alternate ending, he returns to his native village, only to find that his twin brother has disappeared, and something has happened to his mother and father (according to Bridget's uncle). His new quest is looking for his brother.


Despite his youth, Bridget has a fair amount of combat training and several fighters who have commented on on his combat potential, believing he will become a powerful warrior with more experience and training. Bridget fights with a yoyo and his mechanical bear Roger, being highly skilled with the former, able to perform tricks with it and going as far as using it as a weapon. He can manipulate his yoyo's shape and composition at will, converting them from spinning saw blades, incendiary bombs, to even impromptu roller skates.

Regardless, in the scheme of things, the P.W.A.B. has not considered him to be that much of a threat, and deemed him merely as a distraction for their targets and/or goals.

Musical themes

  • Simple Life - Guilty Gear XX
  • Crash and Burn - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST
  • Drunkard Does Make Wise Remarks - Guilty Gear Isuka



  • One of Bridget's special moves, Kickstart My Heart, shares its name with a Mötley Crüe song from the album Dr. Feelgood.
  • The band Mr. Big has a song named "Shoot the Moon", which is the name of Bridget's Instant Kill. However, this is probably a coincidence, as the attack is more of a reference to the yo-yo technique of the same name, where a person flings the yo-yo upwards before pulling it back in.
  • It is believed that Bridget's design was based upon Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade.


  • In the game Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, there is a plant monster that looked female and is named Bridget, whom after being hit by a party member, the gender of said monster is revealed to be a male.
  • In the manga series Ai Kora, one of the main characters, Yukari Tsukino, has a picture in which she and three other friends are cosplaying as Guilty Gear characters: Yukari cosplays as Bridget, and the others as Millia, May and Baiken.
  • Bridget shares same birthday with his first voice actress, Hiroko Konishi.
  • Perhaps thanks to Jam's strong liking of young men, she knew immediately that Bridget is male despite his appearance. Robo-Ky states in his victory quote against Bridget that he has "X-ray eyes", but tells him to forget he said that afterwards. Potemkin also discerned Bridget's gender immediately, using male pronouns when referencing Bridget upon their first meeting.


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