High movement speed, attack speed, low cost, and a good array of abilities. One of the best units in the game, to make up for the fact that they're the only standard front-line troops this tribe gets. Easy units to keep alive, as high movement and recovery speed makes it simple for them to retreat when necessary.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT1: Scissor attack. 37 damage.
  • AT2: Only becomes available at half HP or less. Straight rush attack hitting multiple enemies. Has super armor. 30 x 4 damage, knockdown.
  • PSkill "Nature Suture": Faster HP recovery at captured Ghosts.
  • PSkill "Rusty Metal": Poisons the enemy hit. Poison prevents healing due to capture units or Ghosts. Lasts 8 seconds on Masters, 15 seconds on Servants.



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