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Guilty Gear -Strive- Starter Guide -5 - Chipp

Chipp Zanuff is a recurring playable character since the original Guilty Gear.



Dubbed a "pixie" character, Chipp is incredibly fast, having great mobility, thanks to array of moves: the fastes run in the game, triple jump, teleport, and even the ability to climb on the walls of a given stage. His normal attacks are also much faster for their range than most other characters. However, he equally has an abysmal defense and low health, which make using Chipp difficult as the player is forced to try and stay safe from opponents' attacks. Usually, his gameplan is about avoiding opponents and trying to counter-hit them during their offense. Given his terrible damage output, he must rely on combos.

In particular, his Alpha Blade can be used to string together combos or cross-up the opponent. It can be used either on the ground or in the air, and because of these unique properties, they add an element of unpredictability to Chipp's movements. It also has defensive use as a long-range, low profile slide that can be used to escape the corner.

Meanwhile his Resshou, with the Senshuu and Rokusai follow-ups, are special moves that can be linked into each other and are the main combo tools. They are, respectively, a high attack, a low attack, and an overhead. Rokusai can be tricky to use, however, since it is rather unsafe. His Banki Messai is a signature combo finisher that can be easily confirmed and is extremely quick to start-up, but quite low on damage relatively.



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