The following is a list of quotes attributed to Chipp Zanuff.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "Now you see it isn't so easy to imitate a Ninja!"
  • Sol: "What, you smoke? That's why you lost, idiot."
  • Ky: "You call yourself a man? Where are your scars?"
  • May: "In a battle, everyone's an enemy...even children."
  • Baldhead: "You're a doctor? Maybe you should check your head!"
  • Potemkin: "Hey sloth! Now you see why speed always wins!"
  • Zato: "Stupid magic tricks can't defeat me!"
  • Millia: "My rule is never to show any mercy to women."
  • Axl: "Are you a gangster? Junkies like you can't touch me."
  • Kliff: "You have some kind of death wish, old man?"

Guilty Gear X Edit

  • Self: "I don't mind you copying me, but don't you dare imitate my master! I'll kill you!"
  • Sol: "If you don't want to lose, train some more!"
  • Ky: "Your effeminate face pisses me off! Have you ever heard of the saying "Might makes right"?"
  • May: "I won't show mercy to anyone who opposes me, not even girls! ...This doesn't feel right, though..."
  • Faust: "What are the words to describe this...? Oh, I got it! "That's too bad...""
  • Potemkin: "There's no point in having that monstrous power if you can t hit me! Lose some weight!"
  • Zato: "You're a third-rate fighter if you have to sacrifice something to win. You'll never beat me."
  • Millia: "If I was being serious, you wouldn't have lasted a second in that fight. Don't even try to beat me!"
  • Axl: "Stop acting like an idiot. Your reach is useless if you can't match my speed."
  • Kliff: "There's no way you'll beat me with that thing getting in the way! Go take a cold shower and come back another day!"
  • Baiken: "You've got guts for a woman. Is this what they call "Japanese womanhood"?"
  • Johnny: "I hate popular bastards! The same goes for players! ...Huh, looks like I got a little worked up."
  • Venom: "Are you trying to make me laugh with that costume or trick me? Well, which one of us is on the floor? There's your answer."
  • Anji: "So you don't think I'm good enough to be Japanese!? Ha! Stop talking nonsense. What kind of weapons are fans, anyway?"
  • Jam: "Did you think you could seduce a ninja? You get on my nerves. Get lost!"
  • Testament: "This is all those ridiculous attacks can do? You really let me down."
  • Dizzy: "If you can't punch or kick worth a damn, then what good are techniques? What a waste."
  • Justice: "I'm sure you're one hell of a weapon, but it's pointless if you can't hit someone."

Guilty Gear XX Edit


Note: Quotes against self, Sol, Ky, May, Faust, Potemkin, Eddie/Zato, Millia, Axl, Kliff, Baiken, Johnny, Venom, Anji, Jam, Testament, Justice are the same as in Guilty Gear X.

  • Order-Sol (post-Slash): "Think you're hot, false knight!? Don't underestimate the spirit of a samurai!"
  • Robo-Ky: "Hey, you pile of scrap! Open your mouth one more time and I'll tear you to shreds."
  • Dizzy: "Man, what a letdown...Tch, you're just a kid. Go on. Get out of here."
  • A.B.A (post-Slash): "You really think I'd lose to someone who's injured!? Who do you think I am!?"
  • Slayer: "Don't look down on me! I was the one who won, right!?...Dammit!"
  • Bridget: "I don't have time to waste playing house with you!"
  • Zappa: "Crazy stunts have limits, too....Hey, show me how to move like that!"
  • I-No: "What the hell do you think you're doing? I'll kill you if you touch me again!"

Guilty Gear Xrd Edit

  • "Get ready to be vetoed!"
  • "A vote for me is a vote for love!"
  • "Let's get this party started!"
  • "I keep all my promises... I promise!"
  • "Voting is your civic duty, citizen!"
  • "Just in time for my acceptance speech!"
  • Self: ""
  • Sol: "Ha! Monster or not, you still slow down when you run out of breath! So, quit smoking yet?"
  • Ky: "How the hell is the guy on top so clean-looking?! I wear every scar I have like a badge of honor!"
  • May: "Kids don't belong on the battlefield... Gah, okay, fine! Here, have a Chipp Party bandana. Now stop crying, okay?"
  • Faust: ""
  • Potemkin: ""
  • Zato: "Being prepared to fight means being prepared to die. You aren't prepared, that's why you lost."
  • Millia: "Someone who treats their weapon so poorly can never win. You should feel sorry for yourself."
  • Axl: ""
  • Baiken (post-REV 2): ""
  • Johnny: ""
  • Venom: ""
  • Jam: ""
  • Dizzy (post-REV 2): ""
  • Slayer: ""
  • I-No: ""
  • Sin: ""
  • Ramlethal: ""
  • Leo: ""
  • Elphelt: ""
  • Bedman: ""
  • Jack-O' (post-REVELATOR): ""
  • Raven (post-REVELATOR): "That's not how you use chopsticks... You phony Japanese wannabes are the worst!"
  • Haehyun (post-REVELATOR): ""
  • Answer (post-REV 2): ""
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