The Convict Hammer is an extremely powerful combatant, with strong support abilities. Constant attack buff and non-stop use of dispels are nearly as good as having a second Master on the field. Highly effective as the center of a large group of troops, not nearly as useful on its own. Very slow speed and high cost to bring into play reduce the impact it can make.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT1: 70 damage and knockdown. 2 targets.
  • AT2: Shockwave attack. Cannot be interrupted. 50 +50 damage. 2-5 targets.
  • PSkill: Constant resistance to ranged and magic attacks. 0.67 damage taken.
  • PSkill "Cleanse": Single-target Dispel effect. Works on almost all the targets that a Dispel item can effect. 10 second cooldown.
  • PSkill "Warrior's Breath": Constant 1.25 increase to nearby allies' attack power.



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