Crow, born Kuruwaba Kuro (郭羽 九郎,, Kuruwaba Kurō?), is a non-playable character in Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus. He is the scientist responsible for the creation of both Robo-Ky and the Justice copies, and a branch chief of the Post-War Administration Bureau.



His personality is the one of a maniac, mad scientist, getting constantly upset with his opponents. He is also ambitious, as seen when he tries to take control of Zappa's and May's powers to create new weapons for the Bureau. He is also rather slothful and not very hygienic.


According to Baiken's story, she recognizes him as "Crow Kuruwaba", yet another Japanese survivor. Johnny and Baiken state that he had been kept in an inter-dimensional prison by "his master", and they can't explain how he escaped. Who is his master is yet to be revealed, though it is implied to be Unchou Hirofumi.

Even though he doesn't have his own storyline, Crow's story appears in almost every story of the other playable characters, with him daring the player to defeat his Justice clone. Although he unavoidably gets defeated, he remains confident, saying that the Justice clone was only an incomplete prototype, not at her full strength. In Robo-Ky's storyline, he sends him to senseless missions trying to get him destroyed; finally, he sends a Justice Copy to destroy him, but since both robots were destroyed, he creates a new generation of robots known as the Robo-temkins or RP Line. In Zappa's storyline, he tries to extract his spiritual power to create a powerful "spiritual weapon", however, S-Ko manifests and inevitably kills him. In A.B.A's storyline, he offers A.B.A to give Paracelsus a body if she can bring Dizzy to him; since Dizzy's powers destroy the experiment, Paracelsus is accidentally transferred into Robo-Ky's head.


While he is never fought directly, it is suggested that he is quite skilled as he is able to avoid attacks from Baiken, Sol, Testament and Johnny. He was also, like Johnny, a former student under Uncho Hirufumi, a master practitioner of the "Gen’ei Hirofumi Haen Getsuken " sword style. He also shows a talent for creating magical illusions of himself.


  • Crow's voice actor, Hiroki Yasumoto, also voices the similarily-named Raven.
  • Aside from his coat, the character's outfit resembles the one used by Brandon Lee in the movie The Crow.


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