The beefiest Armor in the entire game and the most expensive unit to summon. The Daidarabotchi rivals Gigant in terms of being a scary threat once summoned, but lacks its flexibility as all it serves is as battering ram.

The Daidarabotchi uniquely ignores all units and exclusively attacks Ghosts and Master Ghosts, devastating them and anything that sticks close by. The combination of this passive AI and capability to singlehandedly end matches however makes it much more likely to be used as an aggro magnet, as it is useless for defending,

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT1: Shockwave steps, damages and knocks enemies under it.
  • AT2: Hammer attack. Only target structures.
  • PSkill: When it loses 1/3 of its health, fall on its knees and summons 6 minions.


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