The Dawn of Revival (再起の日, Saiki no Hi?) is an event which occurred in 1999. For several hours, an unknown form of life attempt to manifest itself, appearing through electronic circuitry. Humanity was said to know that they felt the "divine will." In response, the United Nations immediately banned all electronic devices. Despite requiring an overhaul of nearly every industry, few objected to the changes.

As a result of the ban, human culture began to deteriorate, and the framework of society to collapse. However, that same year, a band of mages calling themselves "Apostles" appeared, and set to work on restoring human civilization and culture. They taught Magic to the people, and halted the social collapse. In 2010, the U.N. would declare sorcery and magic the new standard, and called for all nations to dismantle their "traditional" weapons and technology.[1]


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