Distortion of the Barrier is the 3rd chapter of Guilty Gear Xtra.


The next morning, Tyr and Mizuha discuss Mizuha’s mysterious behaviour the previous night, which she now remembers nothing about. Meanwhile, Ky learns from the old priest that the Zessen is already gone, taken by Anji Mito some time previously when he left to explore the world outside the Japanese colony. He states again that the kekkai has been weakening without the Zessen as its focus, and says that otherwise the giant arm would never have been able to get in.

At the P.W.A.B headquarters, Geena and other staff are tracking landings by similar gear parts all around the world. They are unable to find a purpose to what’s happening, and assign the incident a risk rating of ‘S’.

Back at the Japanese Colony, Ky confirms that the giant hand came from a gear, but reassures the others that since Justice’s defeat, the gears no longer function. Baiken appears out of nowhere, slicing the gear arm apart. She demands to know where it came from, which infuriates Ky since she’s just destroyed the very evidence they needed to figure that out. Baiken accuses Tyr of being the one responsible for the arm’s appearance, prompting him to start to wonder whether Mizuha might really have somehow called it down from the sky. Baiken catches on and moves to attack her. Ky get in her way, telling her he can’t let her interfere with such important witnesses to the incident, which Tyr mistakenly takes to mean he and Mizuha are under arrest.

The battle between Ky and Baiken moves into the forest. Tyr follows, hoping that by helping out, he’ll be able to prove his innocence to Ky. Mizuha wonders whether she could really have been the one to call the gear arm out of the sky. Tyr reassures her that he doesn’t know what’s going on yet, but he’s sure she couldn’t have meant to do anything wrong.

Tyr runs toward the battle, once more bringing out his dragon shaped weapon which he refers to as ‘Fenrir’. Ky hears him, and realises too late that with the kekkai in its weakened state, this will be more power than it can contain. In the sky, the kekkai distorts and Mizuha is swept upwards. Tyr manages to follow her using Fenrir, and both disappear.

In London, Axl Low is trying to get his 20th Century radio to work without success. Unexpectedly, he hears a voice saying ‘help’ coming from his headphones, and soon after finds Mizuha and Tyr collapsed behind a dumpster.

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