I'm not saying "don't" make me happy, just don't come closer to me!

–Dizzy to Ky Kiske, Guilty Gear X

Dizzy is one of the main characters of the Guilty Gear series. An innocent and pacifist Commander-Type half-Gear, Dizzy is the daughter of Justice, who once waged war on humanity, but grew up unaware of her origins.

The names of Dizzy's shapeshifting wings, also called her systems, are Necro, the Grim Reaper-like wing, and Undine, the blue angel wing.

Design[edit | edit source]

Most notable in Dizzy are her "systems" or wings—her green reaper right wing, Necro, and her light-blue maiden left wing, Undine—, and her black, salamander-like tail. Necro and Undine can attack and defend alternately, morphing into different forms and acting separately. Usually taking the form of mere differently-colored wings, they can transform and cover Dizzy's body parts or even cover her entirely, as Necro has made her take a demonic figure at times.

Dizzy has three main attires. Her black dress in Guilty Gear X has a long skirt that reaches up to the ankle, low laced off-shoulder neckline and fitter sleeves. Her usual outfit, the one she wears during battle, is a tight, provocative suit, with two belts crossed over barely covering her chest area with her midriff exposed, and white, puffy sleeves cover her arms. In -REVELATOR-, a buttoned shirt-like panel is added for a more conservative look, and feather-like plates replace the puffy sleeves. Her third outfit is her Jellyfish Pirates uniform that includes a short sailor top and jeans shorts. Her boots are the same.

Her dark blue hair is very long, reaching down to her knees, and her eyes are red like other Gears. Dizzy is fond of yellow ribbons, as she has two on her ponytails and one on her tail.

Personality[edit | edit source]

With a three-year existence with most of it spent in a small village and a grove, Dizzy's experience is initially very limited. She is gentle, innocent, and kind to those she encounters, having a motherly demeanor.

Dizzy's immense power and her lack of control of it only causes her grief, as she sees it as a curse. She hates violence with a passion and fears to hurt others. Coupled with her persecution by humans, Dizzy has tended to isolate herself, but this only causes her more sadness, as she longs for human contact. Before she met Testament, Dizzy's solitude was such that her only wish (if she had one) would be to have a friend, someone who would accept her even as she was. As a result, Dizzy places a lot of importance in her found family and friends—enough to forego her pacifism and willingly fight to protect them.

Although somewhat naive, Dizzy has a hidden realistic side as she views the destruction of nature by humans as part of a natural cycle. It is also stated that she is ravenous for knowledge and is excellent in gathering data, evidenced by the number of artwork with Dizzy in a library or holding a book.

Story[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The details of Dizzy's birth are not known exactly, only that her mother is Justice. It is strongly implied that Aria Hale, engaged romantically to Frederick Bulsara at the time, was pregnant before being cryo-frozen by That Man in 2016 and while undergoing Gear conversion to become Justice throughout 2073. Additionally, Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- Material Collection shows that Gear mothers give birth by laying eggs, perhaps hinting as to how Dizzy was born while Justice was sealed.

All that is known for certain is that Dizzy was found as an infant in 2178 and raised by an old, childless couple according to Guilty Gear X Drama CD Volume 2. The other villagers became afraid since Dizzy aged to adulthood in three years, and even more so after she grew wings and a tail. As not even she knew what she was, Dizzy was treated as a Gear—essentially, she was a "monster" to be blamed for the Crusades that had just ended three years before.

Dizzy's foster parents hid her in a grove in the woods. At first Dizzy's parents worried about her and went to visit but they gradually became distant and never came back. Dizzy got used to living alone, but one day she befriended a young, blind girl, Josephine, who thought Dizzy to be an angel. Dizzy let her vist all she wanted, but told her not to bring strangers.

One day, though, Josephine and "Kliff" entered the woods as they ran away from Venom, who wanted Josephine to lure Dr. Faust out. After Josephine got hurt, Dizzy and Kliff took her to Faust's clinic, and Kliff revealed to Dizzy his real name, Testament, and that he was a Gear, too. Faust successfully treated Josephine and finally cured her blindness, but she noticed Dizzy's tail. Aware of Dizzy's return, the villagers burned Faust's clinic in an attempt to kill her, and Necro and Undine retaliated. As Dizzy couldn't control them, Testament vowed to be at Dizzy's side and subdued her. No one was seriously hurt, but Josephine slapped Dizzy, calling her a demon, and told her to go back to the forest. A saddened Dizzy left, accompanied by Testament, before she could see Josephine's change of heart thanks to Faust's words.

Guilty Gear X[edit | edit source]

Following the incident, the government issues a 500,000 World Dollar bounty for Dizzy's death. Testament fought off most of the bounty hunters, and if any managed to overcome him, they were quickly beaten back by the immense power of Dizzy herself.

She is finally defeated by Sol Badguy, but he spares her life and Dizzy fakes her death. The bounty falls to Jam Kuradoberi, who uses it to finance her restaurant. Dizzy is then discovered by Johnny and May, who "rescue" and invite her into their crew, the Jellyfish Pirates, aboard the Mayship.

Guilty Gear XX[edit | edit source]

A few months later, Dizzy is on the deck of the Mayship when she is suddenly knocked off by I-No. She falls 20,000 feet and the impact knocks her unconscious, giving Necro the freedom to possess her. She lays waste to several other characters until she is "cured" by Faust. In another ending, Sol calms her down after her power goes out of control, and begins to wonder if she has real parents.

In Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus, Johnny takes Dizzy (plagued by two questions: "who was she? why was she was born?") to see Testament. Resonating with a replica of her mother created by Crow of the P.W.A.B., Dizzy loses control over Necro and Undine. Canonically, she regains control over them with the help of Ky Kiske. Due to his kindness, Dizzy asks Ky to help her learn more about herself and to fit in. Seeing her determination, Testament lets Dizzy go, but tells her not to come back as he doesn't trust Ky and cannot forgive humanity, but Dizzy believes he'll be able to one day. In the non-canon path, Dizzy regains control with the help of Sol, but soon after that, she is captured by Crow with A.B.A's help, and Crow creates clones of her.

Material Collection stories[edit | edit source]

Dizzy, although she is not mentioned by name, went to live with Ky to find her answers and to learn to control her powers, and parted amicably with the Jellyfish crew. While Ky worked during the day, Dizzy protected their home and did the house chores. Spending their days as such, it wasn't long before they fell in love. Because of the lack of official records and her concealed identity, they could not get officially married, but nevertheless Ky proposed to Dizzy and they pledged their love for each other.

After a year, Dizzy became pregnant and the couple celebrated the good news that their doctor—implied to be Faust—gave them, but they discovered that the baby was growing at an incredibly fast rate inside an egg. Soon afterwards, their son Sin was born.

While Ky loved Dizzy and Sin, he was conflicted by a sense of guilt: he was unable to provide her and Sin a world where they could live openly, and was suddenly appointed as puppet king of Illyria under threats to Dizzy's life, among other things. Sin resented him, but Dizzy explained that Ky is irreplaceable family, though that did little to improve relations. Ky's turmoil came to a breaking point when Sin was six months old (physically four), so Dizzy called Sol to help Ky out. In order to protect their son, Dizzy and Ky entrusted Sin to Sol's care.

Guilty Gear 2: Overture[edit | edit source]

File:Dizzy sealed.jpg

Dizzy's sealed state.

As Gears mysteriously undergo sublimation throughout the Illyria, so does Dizzy. To keep her from completely vanishing, Ky converts the Thunderseal to settle her in a frozen state. In his desperation, he "rushes" her sealing and is unable to release her.

After an attack by the Vizuel, Ky shows Dizzy's state to Sol, Dr. Paradigm and Izuna. Paradigm says she can be unsealed but that Valentine must be defeated first, only to realize that Dizzy's cells (as Justice's daughter) are the "key" to enter That Man's Cube. Paradigm says that Dizzy should be destroyed, but Ky vehemently refuses, declaring his love for her and shocking Paradigm. Valentine's forces stop coming after Dizzy due to Sin having the "key" as well. After they put an end to the incident, Dr. Paradigm studies Dizzy's seal to make sure she is not danger of sublimation should she be released.

Guilty Gear Vastedge XT[edit | edit source]

In the epilogue, it is revealed that the time seal placed on Dizzy is finally broken. Chronologically, this event takes place during the events of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, three months after Vastedge XT.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-[edit | edit source]

Once he confirms Dizzy's safety, Paradigm releases Dizzy from the Thunderseal's hold just in time for a new battle in Illyria: they must stop the Conclave from activating Justice's dead body. Dizzy is finally reunited with Ky and, after two years, with Sin once they return from Zepp. She is happy to hear that Sin has called Ky "Dad". The reunion is cut short, as Dizzy must use her powers to overload Justice's system as St. Elmo's Fire strikes and Sol removes Chronus from the inside. After the battle, Ky carries Dizzy after she passes out from exhaustion, and Elphelt Valentine and Justice are recalled by Elphelt's "Mother".

Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-[edit | edit source]

In her Episode in REV 2, Dizzy visits a distraught Ky, who is busy inspecting the self-repairing Thunderseal. They reminisce about the day they first met, when they discussed how feasible was the idea to protect someone without hurting another. Ky attributed Dizzy's lack of a conviction to not having a 'chair' in her heart, and vowed to cut her down. Although Ky was winning their fight, he refused to kill Dizzy to show her that some humans could contain her power, meaning she could live among humans. Back in the present, the two spar with each other, and this time, Dizzy wins. When Ky notes an improvement in her skills, Dizzy states that is simply because she now has a 'chair' in her heart, so that Ky can come home anytime he wants.

In Story Mode, Dizzy shows up briefly to repel an invasion to Illyria by taking down Anti-Matter Gears with her Gamma Ray, working alongisde many allies. Meanwhile, Ky, Sin, Sol, and Jack-O' Valentine are tasked to save Elphelt while Jack-O' takes her place and fuses with Justice to become a full Aria Hale.

In After Story A, Dizzy and Ky welcome Elphelt, Ramlethal and Sin into their state. They discuss how long they can stay as Ky wants to make their marriage public; Elphelt then reads a newspaper article that shows that people are praising Dizzy's involvement in the battle, even stating that she would be a perfect queen for Ky. Dizzy is moved to tears that people wrote such supportive things, despite knowledge of her Gear blood. Dizzy also wonders if she should call Sol "Father" from then on. At that moment, Sol shows up at the estate, but Ky asks Dizzy to allow him to talk with Sol privately.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

As Justice's daughter, Dizzy is a Commander-Type Gear and has many latent powers. These have given her many advantages in battle, replacing experience with raw strength. According to Dr. Paradigm, Dizzy's power is equal or even greater than Justice's, but her benevolent personality prevents her from reaching her full potential. While she initially lacked control over her powers, Dizzy has gradually grown in combat experience and, as of -REVELATOR-, she has exerts improved mastery over her enormous power.

From her mother, Dizzy has inherited the Gear Resonance ability that enables her to manipulate the minds of Gears and Youkai, as well as to resurrect any dormant or dead Gears. She also possesses control over Gamma particles, being able to canalize them in the form of devastatingly powerful beams, and is proficient at wielding light, water, lightning, and fire magic while showing some skill in manipulating earth seals. She is incredibly durable as well, surviving a fall of 10,000 feet without lasting injury thanks to her fast regenerative capabilities. In an alternate timeline, she was able to replace Justice as Gear commander, and survived many deadly attempts on her life.

Dizzy's weapons are her systems, Necro and Undine, which normally take the form of her pair of wings. They can shapeshift themselves into deadly weapons, as well as transform Dizzy partially or completely. Should Dizzy be in extreme danger, Necro and Undine can activate their self-defense protocols, destroying anything that threatens Dizzy's life. If she is unable to respond (such as losing consciousness), they are able to take over her body to fight in her stead.

Gameplay-wise, Dizzy favors ranged fighting. Having a fairly good defense, she can put pressure on opponents from afar, but also at close range. Her moveset revolves around her projectiles; she can juggle an opponent breaking their defenses with her ranged attacks, then rushing down with her normal moves which deal a large amount of damage. However, her high-damaging Overdrives are hard to pull off, and her Gamma Ray consumes the entire Tension bar. In EX mode, she gains the bonuses of her Necro Install and an excellent melee move Gabriel Sword.

Musical themes[edit | edit source]

  • Awe of She - Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX
  • Tears are Forever - Guilty Gear XX♯Reload Korean OST
  • Exceptional Routine Work - Guilty Gear Isuka
  • One Dawn - Guilty Gear Xrd

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • The name Dizzy probably comes from Guns N' Roses keyboardist, Darren "Dizzy" Reed.
  • Dizzy and Justice's Gamma Ray overdrive shares its name with a German power metal band.
  • Dizzy's Overdrive Necro Install is incidentally a reference to Sol's Dragon Install.
  • Dizzy's EX Mode move, Gabriel Sword, is named after the archangel. In the Hebrew Bible, Gabriel is the guardian angel of Israel alongside Michael, who incidentally is the namesake for Justice's Michael Sword/Blade move.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dizzy shares her birthday with Axl Low and Elphelt Valentine, who also share allusions to Guns N' Roses.
  • Dizzy is the only character who doesn't name her attacks, as most of her moves were for utility purposes back when she lived in the Grove, like "This is used for fishing", or normal words like "So painful!".
  • In Overture, Dizzy is referred to as the "Maiden of the Grove" in order to avoid copyright issues due to Sega owning the rights to all characters from Guilty Gear X and XX.
  • That Man has called Dizzy "The Child of Light and Darkness", describing her as the "hope of the world beyond [his] expectations".
  • Dizzy's attacks resembles those of Justice, hinting at their connection before it was revealed in Guilty Gear XX Drama CD Black.
  • From Guilty Gear X to Λ Core, Dizzy was the only character without an Instant Kill, though her Gamma Ray Overdrive was equivalent to an Instant Kill.
  • On the cover and manual of Guilty Gear Dust Strikers, Dizzy's outfit is slightly altered so that her chest is completely covered by the belt straps. The two silver buttons on the belt straps have also been removed. In the game, her sprite, character portrait, and outfit retain their original look.
  • Dizzy's shirt panel in Xrd -REVELATOR- is destroyed until the end of the match if she performs her Gamma Ray while low on health as a nod to her original costume.
  • Both Nyotengu from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Metatron from Soccer Spirits have received costumes based on Dizzy.
  • Dizzy has made guest playable appearances in the following games: Star Ocean: Anamnesis, Mabinogi Duel, Brave Frontier, Epic Seven, Chain Chronicle, Crusaders Quest, Elemental Battle, Code Shifter, Queen's Gate: Spiral of Chaos.

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