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Dizzy is a recurring playable character since Guilty Gear X.



Dizzy makes an excellent starting character for players who appreciate ranged fighting. Having a fairly good defense, she can put pressure on opponents from afar, as well as from close range. Most of Dizzy's moves revolve around her projectiles; she can juggle an opponent breaking their defenses with her ranged attacks, then rushing down with her normal moves which deal a large amount of damage. However, her overdrives are her drawbacks, as they are hard to pull off, and one of them consumes the entire tension bar (Gamma Ray). All her overdrives deal high amounts of damage, and she is a character worth investing some time to master.

In EX mode, Dizzy gains many added bonuses with nearly no drawbacks: she gets an additional overdrive, Necro Install, which boosts her speed and auto-guards her from all normal hits while active. She also gains one of the best melee moves: Gabriel Sword, excellent for counter and stunning an opponent for pushing combos.



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