The following is a list of Dr. Baldhead's commands.

Guilty Gear Edit

The following is Dr. Baldhead's move list in the original Guilty Gear. Changes to the Anniversary release include:

  • Rerere no Tsuki is spelled Re-re-re no Tsuki.
  • Yobi Modoshi and Metta Giri receive translated names: Pull Back and Hack'n Slash, respectively.
  • The mid-air version of Going My Way and the chargeable version of Metta Giri/Hack'n Slash receives proper names.

Type Name Command
Special Hack'n Slash RightDownDown + Slash
Hack'n Slash Charge Attack Hold RightDownDown-Right + Respect (up to 3 levels)
Souten Enshin Ranbu DownDown-RightRight + Punch
→ End Down
→ Move RightRight or LeftLeft
→ Special Attack Punch or Kick
Going My Way DownDown-LeftLeft + Slash
Aerial Going My Way DownDown-LeftLeft + Slash in the air
Re-re-re no Tsuki LeftDown-LeftDownDown-RightRight + Heavy Slash
→ Pull Back LeftLeft during Re-re-re no Tsuki
Overdrive Mad Operation DownDown-RightRightDownDown-LeftLeft + Heavy Slash near opponent
Instant Kill Shouten Ochigoku Enter Instant Kill Mode → DownDown-RightRight + Punch or Kick or Slash or Heavy Slash

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