The following is a list of quotes attributed to Dr. Baldhead.

Guilty Gear Edit

  • Self: "D, D, Don't come near me! Go away!!"
  • Sol: "If it's still bleeding in a few days, call me."
  • Ky: "A messenger from Hell will come for you soon."
  • May: "Blood, blood!! Oh no! If I don't stop it, she'll die!"
  • Potemkin: "Leave it to me!! I'll sew you up good!!"
  • Chipp: "Oh no!! I'm afraid your blood pressure is normal!!"
  • Zato: "Sniff...You smell like me. Who's the doctor? You? Me?"
  • Millia: "Somebody, stop the blood! Or stop me! Or stop both!!"
  • Axl: "Remember to come back for a checkup in six months."
  • Kliff: "Your blood is infected...I'll have to drain it."
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