Dragon Install is one of Sol Badguy's and Ky Kiske's Overdrives and is Sol's ability to access a portion of his Gear powers while still donning his Gear Cell Suppressor. They gain a substantial boost in strength, speed, power, regeneration and durability, and their magic is increased dramatically. The drawback is that they cannot sustain it for an extended period of time.

It has three variants: Order-Sol's Dragon Install: Sakkai/Morbid World (ドラゴンインストール:殺界, Doragon Insutōru: Sakkai?), Sol's Dragon Install 2nd (ドラゴンインストールセカンド, Doragon Insutōru Sekando?), and Order-Sol's Flame Distortion (フレイムディストーション, Fureimu Disutōshon?).

Story[edit | edit source]

When Sol becomes serious or desperate, he may rely on his Gear powers to give him an extraordinary boost. Whenever he does so, his body flashes a silhouette, as if to contain an inner beast. In truth, this is him holding back his transformation. As Order-Sol, the silhouette had wings and a long tail, which suggests that he has learned to repress it almost entirely.

Throughout the series, Sol's transformation has steadily become much more physical, attributed to the "encroachment" of his Dragon Install—that is, Sol's continuous evolution as the Flame of Corruption and his increasing connection to the Backyard. In Overture, Sol's Dragon Install features the fullest display of his Gear form to date: a dragon-like creature with his blade wrapped in infernal flames shaped into a sword.

In Vastedge and Xrd, he is once again covered in a dark aura, hinting at Sol modifying his limiter to suppress his powers, although not to the extent he was previously able to. In Xrd -REVELATOR-'s Story Mode, Sol foregoes using his Dragon Install almost entirely, as it will likely amplify the Information Flares.

In Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, Ky Kiske has gained the ability to use Dragon Install. Not much is known about how or why yet.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In combat, Dragon Install is not often very practical, despite its massive increase in Sol's movement and attack speed (allowing several of his normals to be linked into one another) as well as the extra properties on his moves, such as turning Gun Flame into a tall-diagonal burst of fire, turning the Heavy Slash version Volcanic Viper into a continuously rising attack leaving behind a huge vertical trail of fire, and causing Bandit Revolver to have a flame trail along Sol's kick. This is also due to the fact that Sol may become more difficult to control in this state, along with entering his "pseudo-stunned" state (Sol kneels on the ground clutching his head as he shakes it) where he can be left open to attack upon the duration expiring.

It possesses a great deal with start-up invincibility compared to most Overdrives, but it is very rarely encouraged to use as a reversal. Sol's brief moment of vulnerability as he enters this state makes the move easily be punishable in the open. The timing of his Cancel and general combos is also vastly altered due to the increased speed, having less start-up time and ending lag. Ever since Slash, the mode instantly ends when Sol is knocked down, and Sol's resistance to being stunned will drop, which adds a bit more effort on the player's part to try and maintain Dragon Install properly.

Before Xrd, Sol is also unable to use Bandit Bringer due to the upgrades to Bandit Revolver, as their inputs overlap. In Xrd, the effects of Dragon Install are more pronounced (even accompanied by the song "Ride the Fire!"), and lasts longer in Hellfire state. He can also access two exclusive moves: Slam in Λ Core Plus R and P.B.B in Xrd.

Also as another minor change, his iconic standing Kick loses its jump cancel property for the duration as one other balance.

Dragon Install 2nd

His Dragon Install 2nd, only present in the Λ Core updates (although present as a hidden move in the first version Λ Core), requires 100% tension. The power-state will still go through even if hit, and is permanent for the rest of the round. The startup is signified by Sol being stuck in the starting frame of the animation as the screen rumbles for a while, before the startup flash finally occurs.

However, it comes with notable downsides. First off, this possesses no startup invulnerability whatsoever. Second, Sol's tension gain is near-gutted due to being put to 20% of its original value. Third, Sol's health steadily decreases until 1 HP is left. This overall, in many cases, makes this version see very little worthwhile use.

Dragon Install Sakkai

Order-Sol's Dragon Install: Sakkai (lit. "Killing Realm", localized as "Morbid World" in Λ Core Plus R) is a brief stagger attack instead of a power-up state via the startup aura itself having a hitbox (with his Gear form appearing in a brief flash). Once it connects, Sol runs at the foe for an assault of extra blows. With strict timing, the player must input a series of commands—the Sakkai follow-up—to continue with a series of attacks ending with a Tyrant Rave finisher. If the foe is below a certain amount of health, Sol will instead enter his Gear form shown in a silhouette (with wings and tail) and finish with a Napalm Death, becoming an Instant Kill. In Gold Mode, the combo proceeds without inputting commands. If the player fails at any point via missing with the initial stagger or inputs any of the incorrect commands, Sol will enter his original pseudo-stunned state. Meanwhile, dropping the attack sequence deliberately at anytime with no input followup allows Order-Sol to recover normally.

For Normal Order-Sol, it costs a Level 3 Charge Gauge and 100% Tension to perform, with the Tension cost reduced to 50% in Λ Core Plus R. Its activation command input was originally RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRightDown RightDownDown LeftLeft + Slash in Slash, but it was shortened to RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Slash from Λ Core onwards. The longer version remained as EX Order-Sol's input, however. The Sakkai section is Punch, Kick, Slash, Heavy Slash, Dust (slight pause), Kick, Slash, and a finisher RightDown RightDownDown LeftLeftRight + Heavy Slash. The original sequence from Slash had an initial Slash, the aforementioned gatling sequence, and it then finished with RightLeftRightLeftDown LeftDownDown RightRight + Heavy Slash.

Sakkai's animations are in the following order:

  • Third hit of a flameless Level 3 Rock It (subsequent button presses must occur after this attack)
  • Present Sol far standing Slash
  • Present Sol standing Heavy Slash
  • Flameless Volcanic Viper (a single hit that doesn't rise as high as the Slash version)
  • Present Bandit Revolver second kick (or from Level 2 Bandit Revolver Prototype) with no flame effects
  • Second hit of Level 2/3 Rock It
  • Flameless Tyrant Rave ver. β first hit
  • Flameless Tyrant Rave ver. β second hit
  • The finisher is Tyrant Rave ver. Ω's final burst upward recoil (will launch instead of blowback if used to finish the opponent within the proper low HP threshold)
  • When the low HP condition is properly triggered, Sol will then enter his Gear form shown through a silhouette while performing an altered Napalm Death, which is also more vertically angled and with the initial-Overdrive flash freezing time before Sol leaps upward. Also, Order-Sol when he lands returns to normal and is in his stunned-state animation, only he has his Gear Cell Suppressor discarded in the aftermath and has his long hair undone.
Flame Distortion

Order-Sol, as an Arcade boss in Slash and Λ Core, has an alternate version known as Flame Distortion. It can also be used by Gold Order-Sol, with the command DownDown LeftLeftDownDown LeftLeft + Slash. The visual cue is the screen blackening after the startup flash and Sol fading into the background just after an energy burst, then re-emerging with two flames crossing through his figure (from Level 3 Rock It).

Flame Distortion's benefits are twofold which last for around 10 seconds: on top of the speed boost, it continuously fills up Order-Sol's Tension and Charge Gauges, and regenerates his HP gauge on any difficulty settings higher than Beginner (unless he is getting hit, then the regeneration will halt for around a second). In most difficulties, his AI thus won't hesitate to abuse costly Tension-consuming moves in this state.

Upon depletion, Order-Sol will lose all of his Tension and Charge Gauge (in Λ Core however, only the former is emptied) and will once again enter his pseudo-stunned state to be left open to attack.

Details[edit | edit source]

Game Damage Tension (Tension gained) Level (Ranges from 0-4; the higher, the longer the stun time it causes) Guard (How this attack can be guarded) Cancel Frames
GG None -- -- -- -- ? (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / ? (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / ? (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))
GGX None -- -- -- -- ? (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / ? (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / ? (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))
GGXX None -- -- -- -- 19+1 (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / - (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / 20 (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))
GGXX (Sakkai) 30,20x8,230 -- -- All RC 7+1 (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / 3 (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / 68 (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))
GGXX (2nd) None -- -- -- -- ? (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / ? (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / ? (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))
GGXrd None -- -- -- -- - (Startup (i.e. time to reaches its active frames)) / - (Active (i.e. hurtbox during which the opponent takes damage if it connects)) / 19 (Recovery (i.e. time to return to a neutral stance))

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The sequence of inputs for Dragon Install: Sakkai is likely a nod to the iconic Deadly Rave super move used by Geese Howard in Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters series.
    • The name "Sakkai" is also named after the original red-screen-trigger mechanic for how Instant Kills worked in the first Guilty Gear.
  • In Guilty Gear Isuka, both Kakusei Sol and Kakusei Ky appear to be almost permanently in a Dragon Install state. Notably, both Sol and Ky periodically go through a refresh period as their timer runs out, forcing them into the same pseudo-stunned state and leaving them open to attack before recovery in spite of their other advantages.

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