Emotional Gamma Ray is Dizzy's second Instant Kill, replacing I can't... contain my strength. It first appeared in Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-.

Necro is about to finish her opponent off with a Gamma Ray, but Dizzy stops him from killing them. As the Gamma Ray barely misses its target, her opponent watches the nuclear explosion in the mountain range behind their backs, and turn his/her head back with a fearful expression on their face (with the exception of Slayer and Ky, who are bored and starry-eyed respectively).

The screen shows "Surrendered", with a white flag, instead of "Destroyed".

Trivia Edit

  • Emotional Gamma Ray appears as Dizzy's Rush Mode in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. It has a power of INT x 4500%, hits once, and is non-elemental.
    • It is also one of her attacks in her Epic Seven and Brave Frontier guest appearances.
  • It is one of two Instant Kills in Xrd that changes the standard "Destroyed" that follows, the other being And Then She Said... Farewell.

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