England plays a minor role in the story and its capital, London, has been a stage in each many Guilty Gear games.

The country is Axl Low's birthplace along with Bridget and Venom and is also his stage. In Accent Core, London becomes Millia's stage as well. The stage usually feature European houses and buildings which is evident in Isuka and AC. In GGX it is shown to have a train station and another version of this stage is set during winter. It has been stated that England, along with France are some of the nations that still exist in the timeline of Guilty Gear. England becomes a part of the Allied Kingdom Illyria, along with several plots of land in Europe that were formerly nations.

It's capital, London was the primary setting for the novel Lightning the Argent. At one point during the Crusades, the Megadeath gear Hydra laid waste on the city before Kliff Undersn, along with the Holy Knights, sealed it into dormancy. After some time has passed, people proceeded to build a town on top of its body. In 2181, Solaria's singing awakened the Hydra and the people living were evacuated. Ky Kiske ordered the firing of a satellite beam to eliminate the Gear. The area was then sealed by the IPF to prevent the radiation from leaking.

Since London has been a recurring stage, it's assumed that the area destroyed by the Hydra is just a portion of the whole city.



  • It is stated by Daisuke Ishiwatari that the land near England has bad tasting food. However, this may just be a joke referring to the stereotypical belief that British cuisine is of low quality.


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