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Es-Lord is an enormous, somewhat centipede-like creature which shares characteristics with both Es-Watt and Ansects.  Three Es-Lords are fought as the bosses at the end of Stage 4, the brown being fought by itself once, followed by blue and red colored Es-Lords, who fight at the same time.  The strange marking that can be found on an Ansect's left arm can be found on the Es-Lords' stomach.  What this symbol means exactly is unknown.



Es-Lord is the boss of Stage 4, Raymond leaving them behind to keep the character busy while he escapes to the Underworld via a portal.  Strangely, an Es-Lord rolls on-screen as an Ansect, then quickly grows and breaks out of this form like a "shell" or cocoon, turning into an Es-Lord.  This means that in one way or another, Es-Lords are actually Ansects, which could also explain why they bear the same symbol Ansects have. First a brown colored Es-Lord appears, and the player fights it alone.  However, after it's defeated, two more Es-Lords roll in, one being blue the other being red, and will fight the player simultaneously.  Es-Lord later appears as a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA.


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Es-Lord can slam it's tail on the ground creating a large shockwave to knock over opponents, as well as erupt multiple tentacle-like appendages from their back, which release multiple large insects that attack the player.  An Es-Lord can also dig their four arms into the ground, and absorb large quantities of the ground up into their body, which they form into sharp circular saw-like objects which then dig across the ground in different directions to hit the opponent.

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