Character DesignEdit

Es-Watt appears as a bi-pedal somewhat insect-like creature.  They are fought in many different colors, such as brown, blue and red.  Later on in the game, Es-Watts with different heads which are stronger then the regular Es-Watts replace the original ones.  The first one makes the Es-Watt look much more reptilian.


Es-Watts are the most common enemies of Guilty Gear: Judgment, and as such, are fought in pretty much every area of the game in one way or another.  Es-Watts are also the first enemy the player fights, and are often found in large packs, though are very easy to kill.  An Es-Watt appears as a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Though Es-Watts stand most of the time, they can be seen running on all fours when approaching a target.  Es-Watts attack by swinging their jagged tail, or using their long sharp claws to swipe at opponents.  Es-Watts can also breathe in deeply, then spit at a large ball of green liquid.




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