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It is true... The joy of death and destruction is still with me. But people have the ability to choose. And my hands, blood-stained as they may be, are needed somewhere. The joy of knowing that is far more important to me.

Faust is a recurring character in the Guilty Gear series. He is a medical genius gone insane and sane once more, and is probably one of the most unorthodox characters in the series. Having discarded his old identity, Faust is an itinerant healer dedicated to saving everyone he can to atone for his sins.


Faust's extreme height and light weight give him a bizarre, tall, lanky physical appearance, and allows him to tower over every other character in the series—although he rarely does, due to his extremely low fighting stance. He wears a paper bag as a mask with one eyehole, which in one of his Taunts he takes off to reveal a glowing bald head and obscured face, and wields a giant scalpel as a weapon.

His usual outfit consists of a collared, light-blue shirt with a black or yellow tie, green pants, and a stylized white coat with several sizable grey bolts on his shoulders and black belts.

In Strive, Faust receives a major redesign: He wears simple light-blue scrubs, white gloves, a stethoscope around the neck, a red syringe dangling from his waist, and mostly-white sneakers. It exposes an extremely skinny build and a stitched patch on the right side of his chest area.


Going mad shattered whatever Faust's personality might have been, and even though he regained his sanity, a good deal of that wreckage is now permanent.[4] And yet, contrary to his eccentric style and transportation methods, it is only in the battlefield that he can easily be described as "wacky".

While his behavior remains erratic, the compassion and generosity he was once known for have returned undimmed.[4] When it comes to saving lives, Faust behaves like a normal doctor and is completely serious about helping those in need[5][6] as a way to atone for his sins and past,[4] even as he believes that his sins can hardly be wiped away.[7] He does often talk complete nonsense, but he is just as (if not more) likely to say something profound that will help others find their paths in life.[4] Usually respectful towards others, Faust's resolve to save lives is not limited to humans, caring equally for non-humans that may need his help.

As silly as Faust may seem, the doctor's bloodthirsty side still looms over him, even becoming unstable at the sight of blood,[8] but he keeps it under tight control.[9] Indeed, even when confronting the two people responsible for the mishap that ruined his life, Faust's first and foremost priority is saving lives, even as he feels the powerful urge to slaughter them.[7][10] In his dedication to prevent harm to others, he is fierce towards enemies like I-No and does not hesitate to fight seriously if needed.[9]



Faust was once a highly-regarded surgeon, until a young patient of his died during an operation. The mishap he committed drove Faust mad, causing him to snap and go on a murderous rampage.[3] After the tournament, he managed to regain his humanity, and decided to take his own life to atone for his sins. But just as he was about to end it all, he learned that it was someone else who caused the mishap. He thus decided to seek the truth and resolved to save lives,[2][11] now working as an itinerant doctor outside of the licensed medical system, roaming the world helping those who have no one else to turn to, while asking nothing in return.[4]

Guilty Gear X

Faust and Marina.

In 2181, Faust is working in London as the local doctor of the village controlled by the Blackard Corporation, and collaborates with Ky Kiske, who is on a investigation case. After treating Marina, Faust examine per Ky's request a dead body, which Faust notes had been one of his patients previously. Soon enough, he realizes that the "murder" victims are missing whatever part they needed treatment on, and tells Ky so. At one point, Raven attacks Faust and warns Ky about Sol and disappears. When Marina mutates due to Vitae, Ky hurries her back to Faust, who manages to save her life. Later on, when Sebass awakens the Hydra, Faust helps hold off the massive Gear alongside the Jellyfish Pirates.[12]

Months later, Faust takes residence in a village near the Grove and starts treating a blind young girl, Josephine. Venom is sent to make Faust join the Assassin's Guild and threatens Josephine to get to the doctor. When she is hurt, Dizzy and Testament take her to Faust, who heals Josephine and restores her sight. However, his office is burnt down by villagers targeting Dizzy. She loses control of her powers and is subdued by Testament. No one is gravely injured, but Josephine slaps Dizzy and calls her a "demon". Dizzy and Testament then leave, but Faust makes Josephine reflect about what she just did.[13]

When a bounty is issued on Dizzy's head, Faust departs to save her life.[2] In one ending, he meets with Dizzy and convinces her to leave the forest she lives in, in an attempt to prevent further attacks on her. In his other ending, Faust cures Zato-ONE of his ailment, and leaves Venom to care for him, taking the parasite on as a result. Due to events in later games, the latter ending is impossible.[source needed]

Guilty Gear XX


A few weeks later, Faust runs into I-No and decides to pursue her to prevent her from harming people.[14] In one ending, he tracks her down, and she confronts him about his dark past, accusing him of still enjoying bloodshed. After rendering her unconscious, he admits that he still enjoys causing pain, yet vows to continue in his duty as a doctor.[9] In another ending, he meets Zappa and learns of his condition. Upon examining the body, he decides that he does not know how to cure this ailment.[15] In the third ending, he learns from Venom that the Post-War Administration Bureau was involved in the "mishap" that drove him insane, with the Guild hired to do so by one of Faust's former colleagues. He and Venom are then assaulted by a horde of Robo-Kys, at which point Venom says that if they survive, he will tell Faust everything he knows.[8]

Sometime later, Faust continues his investigation on the P.W.A.B., crossing paths with Crow, while also trying to heal whomever he finds. In one ending, Faust meets with Slayer, who asks Faust if he would like to come to the other world where Slayer plans to retire. Faust refuses, however, saying that there are still people around the world who need his help.[16] In the other ending, Faust cures Zappa by changing his face to resemble a Picasso-like drawing that will repel the ghost he bears.[17]

Material Collection stories

Circa 2184, Faust is implied to be the doctor who gave Dizzy and Ky the news of her pregnancy, being one of the few people who knew about their unofficial marriage.[18]

Guilty Gear Xrd

On October 3, 2187, Faust is working at Illyria's downtown area when he receives an invitation from Slayer regarding who was behind the "malpractice" incident that caused him to lose his sanity. Two days later, Slayer tells him it was the Conclave, and that he may receive some answers from the assassin hired to do the deed, Zato, as he has been resurrected by the Conclave. Faust thus sets off to find him. At the Opera House, on October 14, Zato confirms his involvement in Faust's "greatest failure". They fight but Faust doesn't kill Zato; he is more interested in the truth than in revenge, and learns from Zato that the Conclave is up to no good.[7]

On October 24, Faust is busy working in a small Illyrian village in Eastern Europe, when he is approached by Johnny who asks him to treat May. Faust agrees to do so when he learns that she is Japanese and that she "is family" to Johnny. After the pirate leaves, while devising a medicine to treat her illness, Faust has a shocking revelation when he checks his information concerning the colony.[5] Arriving after the Jellyfish Pirates are reunited with May on October 29 thanks to Chipp Zanuff, Faust delivers the medicine and talks to Johnny in private. The medicine is merely a stopgap measure, and warns that May must be kept away from the Colony at all costs; Faust then refuses to tell Johnny more, not wanting to put him in danger. The conversation is cut short when Bedman arrives to kill them,[6] and knocks Faust out. While Chipp stays to buy them some time, Johnny puts the unconscious Faust over his shoulder, then he and his crew retreat to the May Ship II.[19]

On November 2, during the Illyrian ambush on the Cradle, the May Ship II appears as backup when Bedman nearly succeeds in sabotaging the operation. April pilots the ship close enough that Faust can use his teleportation powers to install the final relay beacon for the missile carrying Sol Badguy. While he and That Man successfully break the Felion barrier and they destroy the Cradle, Justice (and the Conclave inside) is nevertheless unharmed and gets away.[20]

After Justice's foiled revival on November 4, Faust confronts a defeated Chronus and ignores his urge for vengeance to interrogate him about the Japanese. However, Faust realizes that Chronus is actually unaware, and suspects that an influential figure with higher authority than the Conclave is behind it.[10] On November 9, Faust starts his journey towards one of the colonies, taking Chronus with him to confirm if someone other than the Conclave is sending orders to the Colony, hoping that it is just all a misunderstanding or a mistake. While he wants to get to the root of the mystery, Faust's main objective is the Japanese people's well-being. He agrees to rendezvous with Johnny and his friend, Haehyun Kum the Tuner. After four days of travel, Chronus tells Faust his suspicions that the Universal Will may be human, and may be behind the mystery.[21]

When they reach the colony on November 16, they are unable to meet Haehyun in person due to Leo Whitefang, who tries to arrest them on sight. Nevertheless, via Johnny's comm, Haehyun tells Faust her findings—only to learn that all the residents are being affected. Prioritizing the confirmation of his hypothesis due to the treatment no longer being effective, Faust asks to be informed of any changes while he tries to find a cure.[21] Two days later, Haehyun informs him that their fevers are rising again, yet they cannot find the cause.[22]

At the Illyrian Royal Library, Faust is looking for an ancient book he has read before when he encounters Zappa, who is also looking into the phenomenon.[23] Although a guard doesn't want to let them enter the castle,[24] Faust and Zappa ultimately share their intel with Sol, kings Ky and Leo, and Dr. Paradigm. Faust tells them his theory: the mysterious, recurrent "Antimatter" Gears are actually Japanese. Leaving the others to investigate the cause, Faust focuses on making a cure using the castle's facilities.[25] During the battle to defend the capital from these Gears, Faust's injections delay their explosion.[26] The battle comes to an end when Ariels is defeated and the Information Flares stop.[27]

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Faust and Chronus appears in the epilogue, where is seen that they're still traveling around the world.


Before his fall, Faust was a surgeon of renown, widely considered the finest physician in more than a hundred years and respected throughout the world.[3] In terms of medical expertise, Faust is apparently unmatched, so much so that rumors of him paint him as a "healer with god-like abilities",[28] and boasts the claim of having "treated nearly every ailment under the sun".[5] In some instances, he is seemingly able to cure the most uncommon of ailments, such as Axl's time-slipping and Zappa's supernatural condition; however, both are non-canonical as shown in Xrd, with Faust even admitting that the latter's condition is completely beyond his knowledge.[23]

Previously limited to merely handling his giant scalpel to slice his enemies, Faust gained unique, cartoonish powers after regaining his sanity. His P.W.A.B. report states that, using his skill in medicine, he can transform his own body[29] while some of his moves imply that he can also alter or rearrange the bodies of others in any way he wishes. He also has the capacity of warping space-time, allowing him to teleport.[1] He is shown to be able to travel via doors that he himself materializes, although they only allow for mid-range movement (given how he required that the May Ship II got closer for him to teleport and protect the last beacon during the Cradle Incident near the Black Sea[20]), or by opening a black umbrella and let himself be carried away by the wind. His witchcraft is believed to be Spatial Deformation, one of the most powerful types of magic, which can only be mastered by those who fully grasp the theoretical underpinnings of magic and have a gift for information manipulation.[30]

Faust may also be physically stronger than he lets on: When he gets angry thinking that Chronus is playing dumb, Faust stomps the ground and leaves a small crater behind.[10]

Although Faust is human, many characters are not entirely sure that he is. The P.W.A.B. classifies him as "unknown"[29] and later as "human(?)".[1] Testament thinks of his moves being "inhuman",[source needed] while Sin assumes Faust is a Gear in a victory quote. On their first meeting, Slayer asks Faust what he is, certain that he is neither a Gear or a human.[14]

Musical themes

  • The Original - Guilty Gear X  
    , Guilty Gear XX  
  • Take the Pain - Guilty Gear XX ♯Reload Korean OST  
  • Home Sweet Grave - Guilty Gear Isuka  
  • Destructive Goodwill - Guilty Gear Xrd  
  • Alone Infection - Guilty Gear -Strive-



  • It is possible, though unlikely, that Faust got his name from the drummer of the Norwegian metal band, Emperor, or the German krautrock band Faust. However, it is generally considered that "Faust" is a reference to Faust, the protagonist of a German legend who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for limitless knowledge and magical power.
  • One of his moves, Going My Way?, is possibly an allusion to the Lenny Kravitz song "Are You Gonna Go My Way?".
  • His bag in Strive has a Black Hole Donuts logo, which might be a reference to Korean metal band Blackhole. The donut shop was also founded in 1986, the same year the band formed.
  • His Psych Burst animation features him ripping open his shirt, revealing his bare chest which features a constellation-shaped scar similar to the one that Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star has on his chest, except that Faust's version is in the shape of his iconic paper bag mask rather than the Big Dipper constellation.
  • His glowing head during his bag removal Taunt might be a reference to the Face Flash in the Kinnikuman series.


  • It is actually never stated in any game dialogue or official material that Faust is indeed Dr. Baldhead, but the number of similarities and hints (the same physical build, backstory and basic fighting style, Venom calling him "Doctor Ba--", May sensing that he is bald, etc.) makes the connection too true to dismiss.
    • The chorus of "Destructive Goodwill", Faust's theme in Guilty Gear Xrd, contains a nod to Dr. Baldhead's theme "Suspicious Cook".
    • In Sign, Faust tells Johnny 無問題 (mōmantai?), which means "no problem" in Cantonese.
  • Shigekiteki Zetsumei Ken impales the opponent by its rear with his scalpel; the scene is bloody, but sort of "censored" by reversing the scene colors. However, it can be considered comical instead of violent, since it resembles kanchō. In Xrd, it becomes an actual kanchō attack.
  • In Xrd, the bolts on Faust's jacket say "Stimulation", the back of his jacket reads "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" and the writing on his paper bag says "Wandering Doctor Faust" upside down. His favorite clipboard, seen in his entrance animation, has "Guilty Doctor" carved onto it.
  • A costume based on Faust's Strive look, belonging to Dist, appears in Tales of the Rays.
  • Faust has made guest appearances in the following games: Mistover, and Code Shifter.


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