The Fire Wheel is one of Sol Badguy's Elite Servants in Guilty Gear 2: Overture.

It is a mechanical motorbike robot with high attack power, attack range, stun effects, good mobility, and high survivability. It is extremely useful in nearly all situations, and a good choice to carry in a Master's personal slots.

In Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-, Sol pilots a motorbike named after this unit- the Fire Wheel MK-II.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT 1: 50 damage. Hits multiple enemies. 2 hits.
  • AT 2: 65 damage. Powerful stun effect. 3 hits.
  • ASkill "Red Out": Powerful burst of flame. 50 damage, hits 5 times. Up to 5 targets. Does not have normal effect against Masterghost barriers. 15 second cooldown.



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