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Fireseal, nicknamed Blazer, is Sol Badguy's signature weapon and one of the "Sacred Treasures" that comprise the Outrage. It is a uniquely designed sword with a rectangular and blunt blade, which features a crossguard shaped similarly to a butane lighter, even having a striking wheel and breeze guard, that spews forth flames. The weapon itself is capable of magnifying fire magic, which Sol uses to augment both his physical and sword attacks.


The original Outrage was created by Sol in retaliation against the restart of the Gear Project and completed by 2074. Because the sheer volume of magical energy produced by its completed form was not easily controlled, the OutRage was split into eight different components, one of which was the Fireseal. By itself, it has no initial or set form, and it shifts its shape and function to meet the requirements of its user. Fireseal and the other Sacred Treasures were given for safe-keeping to the Sacred Order of Holy Knights, the main defense of humanity against the Gears in the war known as the Crusades.

Circa 2173, Sol—who had joined the Holy Order in search of information and to combat Gears from the frontlines—challenged Justice on its own. His suppressed powers weren't enough to defeat her, and she spared his life out of fascination at his recklessness. Sol reflects that he indeed needed the Fireseal after all and decides to "borrow" it.

He is surprised in the act by Ky Kiske, who duels him to take the Sacred Treasure back, but Sol defeated Ky with his newly-acquired weapon. Commander Kliff Undersn saw them, but knowing Sol's nature, he let him be and asked Ky to keep the incident a secret. Kliff later caught up with Sol and allowed him to have the Fireseal, as Kliff was going to give it to him anyway. After a friendly duel, Kliff lets Sol go but not before telling that he was family even if he had just deserted the Order. Eventually, Sol put the Fireseal to good use and fought Justice a second time, which ended in her dimensional seal by the Order. With her defeat, the Crusades came to an end. Sol did not return the sword, making it his personal weapon ever since.

In Overture, Fireseal seems to have been heavily modded by Sol and its appearance changes considerably. Likely to accommodate Sol's increasing power.

Sol would later add an additional casing to the Fireseal to amplify its powers, transforming it into the Junkyard Dog MK II. After some time, Sol incorporated the Senga/Flashing Tooth into another modified casing for the Fireseal, upgrading the weapon into the Junkyard Dog MK III.



  • Sol wields the Fireseal in a reversed grip, in addition to using it in his left hand, which is claimed to be a nod to Freddie Mercury's mic stand grip. Sol rarely holds the blade rightside up, typically only when resting it against his shoulder.
  • The overall design of Fireseal is based upon a gas lighter, featuring a wheeled mechanism which ignites sparks.
  • Fireseal can be seen on a table in Arakune's gag ending in Blazblue: Continuum Shift.