Former Friends is the 4th chapter of Guilty Gear Xtra.


In the colony, Ky tries to locate Tyr using his medallion, stating that since the boy’s an associate of the Holy Order, it should react if he’s within ten kilometres. However, nothing happens, proving the kids have been thrown a long way away. Ky and Baiken argue again. The old priest apologises for Baiken’s behaviour, telling Ky how she’s hated gears so fiercely ever since the deaths of her parents in a gear attack as a child. Baiken eventually decides she doesn’t want anything more do to with this, and leaves them to it.

The old priest asks Ky what he intends to do from there. Ky tells him the police will investigate, also adding that he knows someone who might be able to tell them more about this matter.

Elsewhere, Sol appears to be monitoring what’s happening from a hidden lab. He makes a cryptic comment about what’s been started, and leaves.

Tyr and Mizuha wake up to find outside the colony, in a building where Axl Low moved them during the night. After the kids have introduced themselves and sat down to breakfast, Axl tells them his name and life story, including how he was mysteriously thrown forward in time from the 20th Century and has been searching a way home ever since. This gets him sympathy from Mizuha’s and skepticism from Tyr. To prove he’s really from the 20th Century, Axl brings out his radio to show them, but also puzzles quietly about the voice he heard coming from it last night – he knows now it was definitely Mizuha’s. He offers to guide the kids around, suggesting they start by getting Mizuha some new clothes.

On board an International Police Force airship, other staff update Ky about the gear parts that have fallen elsewhere and the damage that has been caused.

The scene changes to the site of Kliff’s grave, where Ky (as he’d expected) finds Sol. Ky asks Sol what he knows about the falling gear parts. When Sol (as usual) tells him it’s none of his business, Ky says he’ll get the information from Sol by force.

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