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Here are some of the important things to do in the wiki that contributors and editors can consider as a guideline. Danseru-kun 14:20, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

Where to seek help

The wiki has an infomal division of labor going around and feel free to consult the administrators if you have questions regarding the improvement of specific wiki parts.

  • User:Remnant13 - Template creation, galleries, formatting of pages, wiki design
  • User:Danseru-kun - Story information, character information, article creation, categories


  • Choose a permanent wallpaper. You can leave your suggestions to Forum: Guilty Gear Wiki Background
  • Add appropriate picture with labels in each article
  • Add information to templates
  • Write important missing articles. They are summarized in this template:

Template:Guilty Gear Universe


Template:Guilty Gear Series


  • Fit all characters into Forum: Character Outline 2. Though it might leave some sections blank, the future editors will already have an outline.
  • Expand the pages of characters such as Potemkin and May with basic story information. See Category:Article stubs.
  • Add a gallery for each character. Add galleries to characters who have images.
  • Add the appropriate templates to each character. See Guilty Gear Wiki: Navigation Template Guidelines
  • Get their short descriptions from each game and put them on the top of each character pages.
  • Acquire all the character movesets and list them under Command List
  • Write relationships for each character
  • Write articles for all the characters listed here:

Template:Guilty Gear Characters


  • Remove all fanarts that violate copyright. The administrators here know Guilty Gear artists and know where these fanarts come from.
  • Categorize images properly. See Guilty Gear Wiki: Media Policy
  • Have all the screenshots of special attacks.

Planned Activities

  • Dedicate a basic gameplay section that defines certain mechanics like FRC, RC's, Tension. Again this wiki is not a gameplay guide nd will only show what and not how to use it.
  • Make music samples for each character theme. See Guilty Gear Wiki:Media Policy
  • List all the arcade quotes of character in a page alloted for them, for example: Guilty Gear Accent Core Arcade Quotes
  • Make another page for Ky Kiske (Master) and Sol Badguy(Master).

Special Jobs

If you want to focus on a certain activity, here are the specialized jobs we can suggest:

  • Grammar checker- corrects all the grammatical errors in the articles
  • Game expert- In charge in gaming related information
  • Character manager- Handles a specific character page extensively
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