Ganymede is a stage in Guilty Gear 2. It is a small, obscure archipelago inhabited by independent type Gears. The island is a settlement with sophisticated buildings surrounded by white sand beaches.

After the Crusades, Gears who escaped Justice's control and were able to retain their free will flocked together and lived in isolation from the rest of the world with Dr. Paradigm acting as their leader.

In the story, Izuna brought Sol Badguy to Ganymede to request for Dr. Paradigm's help in releasing the seal on Ky Kiske. Sol was surprised at the existence of the island and asked about human type Gears. Dr. Paradigm replied that the human types couldn't get along with each other and left the island. The two then had a skirmish and Dr. Paradigm learned about his identity as Frederick. In turn, Sol learned that the Gears in the island are were also affected for Valentine's brainwashing. The three of them went back to Illyria afterwards.

According to Daisuke Ishiwatari, if the United Nations discovers the archipelago, it will be bombed.



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