The Gear Project is a crucial event in the history of Guilty Gear. The project started on 2014, four years after Magic was discovered. It was sponsored by A Country, and was instigated by the top scientists of the nation. The purpose of the project was to advance evolution and to strengthen the human race. However, the scope of the project is unknown, and many of its details remain a mystery.


That Man Story

Fredrick, Aria and That Man

At some point after 2014, the Gear Project team had created its first Gear, Frederick, which is a prototype. However, at 2016, he escaped the laboratory, and the rest of the team disappeared shortly after. It is unknown whether Frederick's Gear conversion was voluntary or not, but after the incident, the project stopped. Almost sixty years after the project halted, That Man finished the first perfect Gear, Justice. After such success, the Gear Projected was restarted to cater the nation's demand for war weapons. However, because of Justice's control over the Gears, it is assumed that the project ended for good.

Even though the project supposedly ended, Gear conversion is still being carried out by various groups, such as the Post-War Administration Bureau and the Blackard Company.


Only four members of the Gear Project Team are known - Vincent Macdonell, Asuka R.Kreutz, Frederick and Aria. Vincent was the Head Director and Founder of the Gear Project. That Man is implied to be Frederick and Aria's superior, as he had an authority over the project. Frederick and Aria were lovers and gifted scientists who are young for their achievement. Only That Man and Frederick, now Sol Badguy, remain alive, while Aria died from TP disease while her DNA was harvested to create the basis of Justice.

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