Giga Machina System is Venom's second Instant Kill, which first appeared in Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, replacing Dim Bomber.

Venom turns his opponent into a billiard ball and gets placed on a billiard table along with pool balls around them. Venom strikes a cue ball to break the group; his opponent ricochets off a border and falls into a mouth that appears on the table.

Variations Edit

Reactions Edit

  • Self: "How strange..."
  • Sol: "What's happening!?"
  • Ky: "What sorcery is this?!"
  • May: "Ah! What are you doing!?"
  • Faust: "Well this is rather odd!"
  • Potemkin: "What is happening!?"
  • Chipp: "Well that was weird..."
  • Zato: "Should I be surprised?"
  • Millia:
    • "What's happening?"
    • (post-REV 2) "This can't be real!"
  • Axl: "Hey! What's going on?!"
  • Baiken: "What wizardry is this!?"
  • Johnny: "Interesting moves you've got."
  • Jam: "I no have idea..."
  • Dizzy: "What just happened...?"
  • Slayer: "You're rather a downer."
  • I-No: "It's kicking in already? Damn!"
  • Sin: "What's happening!?"
  • Ramlethal: "Is this...real?"
  • Leo: "Base, come in! I need an extraction!"
  • Elphelt: "Wh-What's going on?!"
  • Bedman:
    • "A phenomenon MY brain cannot grasp? THAT is unrealistic."
    • "Hmm... not realistic as my dreams."
  • Jack-O': "What? What??"
  • Raven: "What's going on...?"
  • Haehyun: "These waves... What do they mean?"
  • Answer: "Yes. This is quite troubling, isn't it..."

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