One of the toughest units in the game, but expensive, and incapable of traveling far. Cannot be knocked down. Only useful for keeping control of a critical location. Can be temporarily upgraded by buying single-use skills, which have a duration of about one minute.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • AT1: 80 damage chop. Up to 3 targets.
  • ASkill: Causes Fear status on enemy units, making them retreat back to their own territory. Half normal duration against Elite units, unless enemy Master is down. 50 x 5 damage, 12 seconds duration, 25 sec cooldown.

After being upgraded:

  • Melee Mode: Shockwave attack, hitting everything nearby. 43 damage. Hits up to 30 targets.
  • Armor Mode: Powerful rush attack. Instantly captures Ghosts. 50 x 3 +200 damage.
  • Mobile Mode: Temporarily moves nearly as fast as an ordinary unit.
  • Ranged Mode: Monstrously destructive energy beam, that instantly takes down Masters or Masterghosts. The beam itself is narrow, so it is not difficult to dodge.



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