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Goose are found in two different varieties.  The first can be found at the Stage 2-1 of Ashnay, the Swamp, where they are formed from mud and rocks.  The second type of Goose is found much later at the Stage 5, Underworld, and have a much different appearence, being made of some kind of slime/ooze substance.


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The second type of Goose found in Stage 6.


Goose can be found in Stage 2-1 in Guilty Gear: Judgment, forming from mud and rocks, and are very weak, most attacks killing them in one hit, where they simply lose form and fall back into the ground.  Goose can later be found in Stage 5 where they look much different.  These Goose are much stronger and are made from some kind of slime/substance and are less easy to kill.  Inus, the boss of Stage 5, will also summon multiple Goose who will walk toward him, and if the player allows them to reach Inus, he will eat them to recover health.  Goose later became a playable character in Guilty Gear RoA.


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The first type of Gooses' only attack are swiping at the opponent with their long sharp claws.  The second type of Goose can fall down on their knees and bite the opponent, and also smack them with their long arms.

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