The "Grove" also known as the "Devil's Forest" or Hell's Forest is the final stage in Guilty Gear X where Dizzy can be fought as the boss. The stage is also included in Guilty Gear XX, most specifically in #Reload and Accent Core as Dizzy and Testament's stage.

The background usually show some trees, ruins and animals. It has also warning signs saying "Keep Out." In GGXX, the Grove is set at nighttime and at Accent Core, it is flooded with water lilies scattered all over.

It is also a signifcant location in the story as it is the primary for the events Guilty Gear X and the events leading to it. After being expelled from the village, Dizzy lived in a cave in the forest. However, because of the continued abuse of humans to her and her fear of hurting others she fled into the deeper parts of the forest to live in isolation. Some time after, Testament wandered into the grove and became Dizzy's companion. This is detailed in the Drama CD where it is shown that prior to the events of GGX, Millia and Venom already met at the Grove where Faust is conducting his medical mission. Dizzy also found the blind girl Josephine in the grove and became her friend.

In GGX, almost all the Guilty Gear characters went to the grove as bounty hunters to capture or kill Dizzy. In GGXX, after Dizzy left the grove, Testament remained there as the forest's guardian, threatening anyone who wanders into it. Despite Testament's coldness, Dizzy, along with the Jellyfish Pirates, continued to visit him in the forest. In one ending in Accent Core Plus, the forest was burned by humans and Testament decided to die with it.

Ky's lover in Guilty Gear Overture is known as the "Maiden of the Grove" hinting that she is in fact, Dizzy.


Trivia Edit

  • In the Drama CDs and manga, it is revealed that Kliff Undersn is buried close to the Grove.


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