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Mankind knew that they cannot change society. So instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed the Beasts.


Guilty Gear -Strive- is the eighth mainline installment and overall its twenty-fifth release in the Guilty Gear series, and is intended to be a "complete reconstruction" of the franchise.

Announced at Evo 2019, the game was released worldwide for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Steam on June 11, 2021, whereas the arcade version will be distributed via Sega Interactive's ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3.[1]


Guilty Gear -Strive- features three main modes: Offline Mode (which encompasses Arcade, Versus and Survival Modes, with a Dojo sub-menu that includes the Tutorial, Mission and Training Modes), Network Mode (Online Match, Ranking, and Quick Start), and Story Mode (GG World). A number of achievements can be earned by the player as well.

The game retains the traditional five-button layout but adds Dash, although it still allows players to dash with the traditional RightRight input. In terms of mechanics, Tension and Negative Penalty, Faultless Defense, Throws (Right + Dust) and Throw Breaks, Instant Block, Overdrive Attacks, revised Roman Cancels (Punch + Kick + Slash), Psych Bursts (any attack button + Dust), the R.I.S.C. Gauge, Taunts and Respects remain mostly the same. However, Throws will miss out of range like any other attack, instead of a doing a normal attack as before. The Gatling system has also been changed: weak attacks no longer universally cancel into heavy attacks; rather, they combo into Command Normals or Special Moves.

It drops the Xrd-only Blitz Shield/Attack and Danger Time mechanics, and the series-wide Dead Angle Attack and Instant Kill mechanics. In terms of status effects, only crouching Dust or ground Throws can cause a hard Knockdown—otherwise, characters immediately roll and recover—, and Stagger now causes a gauge to appear above the affected character and can be escaped from sooner if the player times their button press correctly.

A new mechanic is the Wall-Break: When a character is in a corner and takes damage, they may get stuck to the wall; as they slowly slide down, they may openly be attacked, and each attack on the stuck character will damage the wall, cracking it. By continuing the offense, the wall may be broken, causing a stage transition, ending the combo, and giving the attacker a temporary Positive Bonus.


After defeating the threat known as the Universal Will, Sol Badguy enjoyed a brief moment of peace...

Until he heard the shocking news.

Asuka R. Kreutz, known as "That Man" who left his mark as the worst criminal in all of history by creating Gears and initiating the Crusades, surrendered to the U.S. government. The man who turned him into a Gear... while Sol now sought revenge on him, he was once a close friend.

Trying to guess Asuka's true intentions, Sol stood up with his weapon in hand.

...the time had come at last to settle his fate with Asuka R. Kreutz!

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Playable characters
Non-playable characters

Notes: (*) DLC character. [number] represents which Season Pass number the character is in.
(**) Appears as a cameo in Story Mode.


Announced to be in development at EVO 2018 by Arc System Works CEO Minoru Kidooka,[2] the core concept of Strive was neither evolution nor returning to roots, but rather a "complete reconstruction of the franchise". The goal was to create a game that both new and existing players alike would want to get their hands on, undertaking a "full-frontal confrontation with the essence of the fighting game genre" and "high risk move".[3] The aim was to make it so that entry is simple, and were not trying to cut the depth of the game.[4]

At TGS 2019, general director Daisuke Ishiwatari and director Akira Katano stated that, as a new title, no parts of previous entries were re-appropriated, and that not all characters from Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 would return.[4] Hoping to fully take advantage of 3D[5] and freely move the camera for dynamic angles, Team Red had to re-think how the models were created, in contrast to Xrd models which were designed to look good only from certain angles. Additionally, the team got many new members, due to those with the know-how moving to Granblue Fantasy Versus and Dragon Ball FighterZ to spread their knowledge of the "anime look" technique.[6] To make the visuals happen through any means, the team sometimes even used analog rather than digital, to get the look they wanted.[7]

On November 3, 2019, it was announced on an ArcLive stream that the game would have English dub option.[8] Two days later, the song "Smell of the Game" was released for promotion.[9] From the early stages of planning, the game was intended to use rollback netcode as its online play connection method,[7] but it took a lot of time and effort to get it working,[7] and was not available during the Closed Beta Test, which took place in April 16—19, 2020.[10][11] To respond to feedback, the "Developer's Backyard" blog was created on June 1, 2020.[12]

On May 15, 2020, producer Takashi Yamanaka made an official statement regarding the release date of Strive. Issues with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic caused delays at various points, pushing the date back into early 2021 to ensure quality of the game.[13] On October 11, 2020, the release date for Strive, set for April 9, 2021 (early access on April 6), was announced, along with the contents of the Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate editions.[14][15] Its "Season Pass 1"—included with the Deluxe and Ultimate editions—was also announced: It will add five additional playable characters to the base roster, five extra character colors for all twenty characters, two additional battle stages, and an extra story scenario (Another Story).[14]

However, due to player feedback from the first Open Beta Test on February 17—23, 2021 (which only featured Versus, Tutorial, Training and Network Modes),[16] Arc System Works made the decision to further delay the game to adjust certain aspects, pushing the release to June 11, 2021, and the Deluxe and Ultimate editions to June 8.[17] Due to the pandemic, the arcade version was also delayed without a set release date.[18] A second Open Beta Test was held around May 13—16, 2021.[19] On June 6, 2021, the post-launch roadmap was shown, including upcoming features via free updates: a Combo Maker, additional customization features for the player match room, and Digital Figure Mode.[20]


  • The official logo highlights the IV in -Strive-, and holds the meaning of four, being the fourth main series game (after 1, 2 and 3). Up until now, X, XX and Xrd all contained the letter X, so they decided to go with "STRIVE" to separate this title from those games.[21]
  • It is the third entry to feature an English voice cast since Guilty Gear 2 -Overture- and Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-.
  • Strive marks the first time in the series that every playable character has a vocal theme (previously limited to Raven, and to Sol's "Ride the Fire!").



Related material

  • Early Purchase Bonus – A color swap for Sol and Ky that alters the colors of their attacks.[22]
  • The Ultimate Edition includes, beside the game itself:
    • Digital Soundtrack
    • Digital Artworks
    • Ultimate Edition Special Colors
    • Dynamic Custom Theme (PS4-only)

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