Guilty Gear 2 Overture Original Soundtrack Vol.2 is the second original soundtrack from Guilty Gear 2: Overture.

Track ListEdit

  1. "Keep Yourself Alive III" (Sol's Theme)
  2. "Ride on Time" (Sin's Theme)
  3. "昼行灯" (Hiruandon - Izuna's Theme)
  4. "Intellect, Reason, and the Wild" (Paradigm's Theme)
  5. "The Mask Does Not Laugh" (Valentine's Theme)
  6. "Holy Orders (Be Just Or Be Dead)" (Ky's Theme)
  7. "Worthless as the Sun Above Clouds" (Raven's Theme)
  8. "Misadventure" (Same Character)
  9. "The Re-coming" (Sol VS Ky Theme)
  10. "Communication" (Sin VS Ky Theme)
  11. "The Man" ("That Man" Theme)
  12. "Diva" (Valentine's Last Form Theme)
  13. "Curtain Call" (Staff Roll)
  14. "The Fate Broke Down." (Master VS Master)
  15. "You Only Have to Decide It." (Character Select)


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