Official Walkthrough Fanbook Guilty Gear Complete Bible is a Japan-exclusive strategy guide for the original Guilty Gear that contains numerous illustrations for all the game's characters, except Baiken, as well as gameplay information such as command lists and strategies against computer characters.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Chapter 1 (第二次聖騎士団員選抜武道大会参加者リスト, [missing rōmaji]?)
  • Chapter 2 (イラストギャラリー, [missing rōmaji]?)
  • Chapter 3 (世界設定, [missing rōmaji]?)
  • Chapter 4 (ゲームシステム解説, [missing rōmaji]?)
  • Chapter 5 (ノーマルモード「対CPU」攻略, [missing rōmaji]?)
  • Chapter 6 (ヴァーサスモード「対戦」攻略, [missing rōmaji]?)[1]

Interview[edit | edit source]

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